8 Best Plus Size Yoga Pants [Best Options in 2022] 

Finding a great pair of yoga pants can be difficult for anyone. Getting the perfect fit mixed with the right amount of comfort and support is essential. Unfortunately, those with diverse body types tend to have a tough time in this search.

For that reason, we decided to take some time to do a little deep dive into the world of plus-size yoga pants and came up with a list of the best options on the market today, starting with the absolute best, then seven more great brands to follow.

1. Our Top Choice: Fitglam

Fitglam Harem yoga pants are our top choice for this year’s “best plus size yoga pants.” For a good reason. This company has collections of clothing for all situations and people, with an excellent selection of athletic options for plus-sized people.

Product Highlights

Fitglam Harem yoga pants are baggy where they need to be and supported with a high waist and elastic band for a perfect fit and added support. In addition, these pants come in various colors and designs, making them versatile and flexible for every occasion.

These yoga pants are not the traditional tight-fitting legging most people think about when imagining comfy yoga pants. Instead, this brand created a baggy, loose-fitting, and comfortable product.


  • 25 colors and designs
  • Sizes small- 3XL
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Washable
  • 95% rayon, 5% spandex
  • High Waist; Tummy Control

What We Like About Fitglam Yoga Pants

We love how flexible and loose-fitting these yoga pants are, making them ideal for working out and going out. They are made from breathable materials, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable. In addition, the high elastic band provides all-day support without that tight squeeze.

What We Don’t Like About Fitglam Yoga Pants

There is little to complain about the Fitglam Yoga pants, which is why they made the top of our list. However, some customers do suggest buying a size up. 

2. Runner Up: Just My Size

We chose Just My Size Caprese legging yoga pants because they were designed by a company that makes clothing specifically for plus-size customers.

The Just My Size brand has made it their goal to create clothing that makes women feel as beautiful as they are while flaunting unique and functional athletic clothing for bigger body types.

Product Highlights

Just My Size yoga pants are perfect for all full-body shapes and sizes ranging from 1x-5x in various colors and designs. These pants are affordable and comfortable whether heading to the gym or lounging all day binge-watching your favorite shows.


  • Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • Sizes: 1x- 5x
  • Five designs to choose from
  • Machine Washable
  • Wide, comfortable waistband with no drawstring
  • Cover stitched seams
  • Center back seam for a defined and supportive shape
  • 20-inch inseam

What We Like About Just My Size Yoga Pants

The yoga pants offered by Just My Size are made from breathable materials that will stretch and move when you do. In addition, the product comes in great designs that can spruce up any activewear collection.

What We Don’t Like About Just My Size Yoga Pants

While these yoga pants are made for plus-size women, they do not provide the triangle crotch gussets, allowing the pants to “ride up” sometimes, making the workout a little uncomfortable.

3. Best in Protection: Heathyoga 

We picked  Healthyoga pants for our list because they are crafted by a company that puts comfort and quality into every product they produce.

These specific pants are a boot cut design that looks and feels fantastic whether you wear them for a few hours or all day long.

Product Highlights

Healthyoga, yoga pants are made from top-quality materials and designed for all sorts of activities. The materials are thick to eliminate the chance of seeing through and sweat-wicking to make you comfortable all day long.  


  • 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex
  • High-waisted, tummy control, Elastic closure
  • 4-way stretch technology
  • 2 Side and inner pockets
  • Moisture wicking
  • Squat proof
  • Sizes small to 3XL

What We Like About Healthyoga Yoga Pants

We like how these Healthyoga yoga pants fit and move with your body as you pose, squat, or stretch. They are well crafted and made to be versatile and highly functional whether in the yoga studio or while sitting at the office; these pants go with anything. 

What We Don’t Like About

The size chart is not very accurate, and we found that it is better to go with the size you typically would wear and forgo using their guide. 

4. Best Looking: DGD Yoga Pants

DGD yoga pants look fantastic and are newly designed to provide a close contour fit to those who need a little extra support. 

Product Highlights

Anyone wearing these yoga pants from DGD will feel comfy in their soft materials and protected with an anti-pilling guard. You can bend and flex freely since their products are anti-see through, moisture wicking, and soft.  


  • 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-Pilling resistance
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-fade
  • High-waist, tummy control

What We Like About DGD Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are well-crafted and look fantastic. They feel very soft against your skin and keep you dry even during the most intense workout session of your life. We love these pants because of how well they contour to your curves and make you feel comfortable and confident.

What We Don’t Like About DGD Yoga Pants

These yoga pants seem to run a little small and can feel confining around the legs. These pants are not for you if you don’t like a snug fit.

5. Best In Comfort: Dragon Fit

The Dragon Fit company has an extensive line of fabulous workout clothes ranging from XS-XXXL, perfect for working out or simple everyday wear. We love their high waist yoga leggings that come in many sizes and colors.

Product Highlights

Dragon Fits high waist yoga pants are comfortable without being too loose or tight. The interlocking fabric provides the perfect stretch with a high waist top for tummy control. 


  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • 30+ colors and designs
  • pocket on both inner waistband and leg side
  • High Waist Tummy Control
  • Four needles, six lines of sewing technology
  • Interlocking, stretchy fabric

What We Like About Dragon Fit Yoga Pants

We love the sewing technology used to craft these pants, providing plenty of support. These pants are quality made and will last you a pretty long time. The high waist helps you feel covered up and secure, and the low-friction material allows for optimal performance. 

What We Don’t Like About Dragon Fit Yoga Pants

These pants are very secure. However, they do not provide much compression, which many women look for when working out.

6. Best for Style: 90 Degree By Reflex

If you are on the market for various styles and designs, 90 Degree By Reflex is your store. This company offers a wide range of yoga pants for plus-size customers, from high-waisted pants to low-rise shorts and everything in between. 

Product Highlights

Our top pick from this company is the 90 Degree By Reflex power flex yoga pants. You can choose from tons of great colors and designs, with sizes for all body types. These reliable yoga pants will be there for you through many intense yoga sessions. 


  • 76% Polyester and 24% Spandex
  • High Waist Tummy Control.
  • Pull-on closure
  • Two smartphone Pockets
  • Gentle compression
  • Gusset crotch
  • Moisture wicking

What We Like About 90 Degree By Reflex

No one wants a muffin top, especially while working out. Thanks to the light compression provided to the midsection of these pants, this isn’t an issue you have to worry about. We also like the color options the company offers; there are some you won’t find anywhere else.

What We Don’t Like About 90 Degree By Reflex

Although we love the colors these pants come in, there is a chance some of the options are see-through in the right light. The stitching also seems to be a cause for concern for some customers.


The Gym People provide an online marketplace for all types of customers, no matter your age, gender, or size. We love their thick high-waist yoga pants with the perfect amount of control and comfort.

Product Highlights

THE GYM PEOPLES’ thick high-waist yoga pants are kind around the midsection, keeping you sucked in, in all the right places. This product is created from top-quality materials and crafted by a trusted and reputable company.


  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • Nearly 40 color options
  • Wide Waist Elastic Waistband
  • Ultra-Stretch Fit
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking material
  • skin-friendly material
  • Side Pockets ; Inner Pocket

What We Like About THE GYM PEOPLE Yoga Pants

These yoga pants have one of the best waistbands of all the pants we reviewed. These pants are ideal for anyone looking for extra support in the midsection. They are also soft and smooth, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin.

What We Don’t Like About THE GYM PEOPLES Yoga Pants

The material does not pass the squat test for many users. We also noticed that the Plus sizes are constantly running out of fun colors, leaving only black and grey most of the time. 

8. The Best Stretch: Stretch is Comfort

Stretch is Comfort is an online retailer that sells all types of clothes for men, women, children, and plus-size shoppers. Although we are here to discuss yoga pants, their plus size unitard is another great option.

Product Highlights

Fold-over yoga pants are a popular option and have been around for a long time. The folded waistband creates a trim waistline and added support. It also provides a nice look that can be worn for a workout or hanging out with friends.


  • 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
  • Fold-over top
  • Versatile
  • Form-fitting
  • Machine washable
  • lock stitching

Why We Like Stretch is Comfort Yoga Pants

We like these yoga pants because they have the traditional boot-cut yoga pants style with a modern folded-over top that can be adjusted to personal comfort. These pants are soft and smooth against your skin and feel amazing all day long.

Why We Don’t Like Stretch Comfort Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are not a good option for shorter, plus-size women. Although they fit the average size woman well and even taller customers, they can be uncomfortably long for those under 5’3″.

What to Look for When Buying Plus Size Yoga Pants

When you are on the market for plus-size yoga pants, there are a few crucial factors everyone should consider before making a final decision. 

These factors will ensure you purchase the best options out there that will provide you with the best support, pants that will last, and pants that will encourage you to want to work out.

Correct Fit

When anyone is looking for a new pair of yoga pants, you want to make sure the product provides the proper fit. This is especially true for plus-size people who want active pants that will move and flex with them during their workout.

You don’t want a pair of yoga pants that ride up or slip off while you are in the middle of an intense session. You also shouldn’t worry about the waistband digging into your sides. 

Optimal Comfort

Aside from an excellent fit, you should always check the reviews to ensure the product you purchase provides comfort. If you are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to perform your best. 

While yoga pants are for flexing and stretching, many people also use them for comfort as go-to loungewear. 

Made From Quality Materials

Comfort comes from quality and material, and without high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship, your yoga pants won’t be snug and secure. 

The best type of material for comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting yoga pants include:

  • Spandex
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene


You shouldn’t settle for cheap clothes because you can’t pay a fortune for big-name brands.  

There are tons of yoga pants out there that are just as amazing as lululemon or Nike, without the insanely high price tag. 

On the other hand, you always have to remember that you get what you pay for in many cases, and sometimes it isn’t worth saving a few extra bucks if the pants won’t last longer than a few workout sessions. 

Look for Support

Whatever your body size, you need yoga pants that provide excellent support, especially around your midsection. You want to avoid muffin tops at all times, and you want a product that will hold you in without suffocating you.

Check Customer Reviews and Ratings

Who better to ask about the quality of a product than those who have already tried them? That is why it is so vital that you read customer ratings and reviews on any product before purchasing them.

When reading reviews, check through many of them, not just the first few. Many people will complain about things other than the product itself, and on the other hand, some reviews can be fake.


Our #1 Pick: Fitglam

We love Fitglams yoga pants for plus-size women because of their high level of comfort, movement, and extra support around the waist and midsection.

These yoga pants are perfect for everyday wear or any style of yoga out there. With these pants, you can easily move through poses while still feeling protected and fresh with their all-day comfort construction.

The baggy legs offer you the freedom to flex and stretch while also allowing you to mix and match the color and style with a t-shirt, tank top, or blouse, providing a versatile look for any style. 


Do Yoga Pants Make Plus Size Women Look Heavier?

Not at all. Get the correct type of yoga pants for your body shape and weight. However, yoga pants are an excellent way to look and feel fabulous.

Are Yoga Pants Better Loose or Tightly Fitted?

There is no correct type of yoga pants per se; you must find what works best for you. You also want something that won’t droop or make you too stiff to flex and move freely.

Do Fitglam Yoga Pants Show Sweat Stains?

Fitglam yoga pants have a moisture-wicking material that is perfect for an intense workout, keeping sweat to a minimum and reducing visible sweat spots

Do Fitglam Yoga Pants Make You Look Thinner?

Fitglam yoga pants have a wide, compressive waistband that operates as tummy control and can smooth out your stomach and make you look thinner. 

Can You Run in Yoga Pants or Just Do Yoga?

Yoga pants are perfect for all types of activities. You can do any style of yoga in them, go for a run, go out on the town, and, with many, even go to work.

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