Is DDP Yoga Worthwhile? Real Reviews

DDP Yoga Review

DDP Yoga is one of the most talked-about yoga programs online. The company behind DDP invests a considerable amount of cash into marketing the product, and having the face of DDP be one of the most famous men in professional wrestling helps too. Of course, this may have you wondering whether DDP Yoga is everything it is cracked up to be. We are going to help you to decide in this DDP Yoga review.

Our goal in this review of DDP Yoga is to go through absolutely everything you need to know about this system. We won’t lie. It isn’t for everybody. However, you may be surprised to learn that a lot of positive feedback is warranted.

What Is The DDP Yoga Program?

Before we dive into the bulk of our DDP Yoga review, we figured we would start by giving you an overview of how DDP yoga started and what it brings to the table. To do that, we need to begin with the guy behind DDP.

Who Is Diamond Dallas Page?

If you love your professional wrestling, chances are that you will have heard of a guy named Diamond Dallas Page. He wrestled in the WWF/WWE, WCW, Impact, and AEW.

Back in the 1990s, DDP was big. Big. He held the Championships in both the WWF and WCW. However, like most wrestlers, he was putting his body through the wringer.

Over the years, his body took quite the beating, suffering injury after injury. Sadly, after many years of holding countless Championship belts, DDP was retired. His body was broken.

Of course, this wasn’t a guy that wanted to rest on his laurels. So instead, he started to work out, and he took part in a variety of different yoga programs. As he did this, he began to develop his techniques, and he noticed that with the proper methods, yoga was easy for his injured body and promoted a little bit of healing.

Now, a few years after he created DDP yoga, the system is one of the world’s most popular fitness instruction systems…and it is only getting bigger. Many professional wrestlers use their yoga routines to stay fit.

What DDP Offers

DDP has been designed to be simpler than traditional yoga classes.

When DDP was developing his yoga system, he cut out the more complicated poses and those that may be tricky for those who do not have a body in the greatest of health.

Instead, DDP yoga offers simplified yoga poses that are heavily focused on something known as a dynamic resistance. We will talk more about this in a short while, but, essentially, the exercises are designed to give the illusion of weight training without actually having to lift any weights.

In addition to this, DDP also offers a nutrition plan. But, again, we will discuss something more in-depth later.

Who Is The DDP Yoga Program Aimed At?


Yes. We know this is somewhat of a broad statement, but it is aimed at everybody.

When the system was initially designed, the idea was that it would be used by those recovering from sports injuries and the like. However, it didn’t take long for DDP to realize that many people loved the system.

Now, it is for just about everybody that wants to make themselves a little fitter.

The primary focus is still on those recovering from sports injuries or those who may not be able to move around too much. However, the recent additions of advanced and expert techniques mean that almost everybody could benefit from the system somehow.

You do not even need to love yoga to enjoy it. Of course, loving yoga helps, but it never feels like you are doing the relaxing yoga you would find in a traditional yoga class. Instead, the exercise is much more dynamic.

How DDP Yoga Is Different From Traditional Yoga

As we said, DDP doesn’t feel like yoga. So, if you have not previously enjoyed yoga, this doesn’t mean that you should be put off using DDP.

Sure, some poses you use under this system can be relaxing. However, the overall goal is to get you a bit fitter. This means that you will be darting from exercise to exercise.

Where the program differs from traditional yoga is the fact that it isn’t just about yoga. The program also incorporates a variety of strength training exercises, relaxation techniques, and even a spot of nutritional advice.

We will discuss more of what DDP Yoga brings to the table through this page. We promise!

How DDP Yoga Works

DDP Yoga started life as something very similar to a traditional yoga class, albeit in video form. However, people seemed to love the system. It didn’t take too long to explode in popularity.

As DDP Yoga grew in popularity, the platform grew too. The team at DDP Yoga (which was so much more than just Diamond Dallas Page now) expanded the system to make it a complete fitness company.

More and more ‘features’ and benefits are added to DDP Yoga annually. This does make it impossible for us to highlight every single feature in this review. However, we are going to do our best. We are certainly going to highlight the core benefits of the yoga program.

The Exercises

The basic structure of DDP Yoga is yoga. The clue is right there in the name. However, DDP Yoga stretches beyond just yoga poses, as seen in the following sections. This means that this product will be much more rounded than if you purely practiced yoga.

Regular Yoga Poses

The heart of DDP Yoga is going to be yoga. When DDP created the program, he went through many traditional yoga poses. However, as anybody who has ever practiced traditional yoga will attest, the bulk of those exercises aren’t that great if you have injuries.

So, as he went through the poses, he cut out anything that had a significant negative impact on his body. If any pose was too challenging to do or hurt too much, it was cut.

What DDP Yoga was left with is a whole host of yoga poses that are simple to perform. While there are a few advanced poses, most DDP Yoga has been designed for beginners. This means people who haven’t gone through a single yoga class.

The purpose of the yoga poses is to help boost your flexibility and promote healing in the body. Those who utilize the poses in this system daily will find that their body gets a greater range of motion, and their muscles are much more flexible overall.


As we mentioned, DDP Yoga is not just about yoga. You will find a variety of exercises thrown into the system.

One such group of exercises is known as calisthenics.

For the uninitiated, calisthenics is the name of a group of exercises that target the larger muscle groups in your body.

When performed correctly, calisthenics gives you benefits that are very similar to that of weight training…only you don’t need the weights. This is because calisthenics involves using your body weight for the exercises.

Still don’t understand what calisthenics are? Well, imagine doing a pull-up on a bar. That is calisthenics. You are exercising your muscles, and your body is the weight that you are lifting.

Calisthenics has a wide range of different benefits. First, it is less demanding on the system than weight lifting; in most cases, you don’t need any special equipment to do it properly.

The calisthenics in the DDP Yoga system will help people to boost their strength and muscle mass. So the system will get to work pretty quickly on that too.

Dynamic Resistance

Dynamic resistance is another core focus of the DDP Yoga program.

In many ways, dynamic resistance is similar to calisthenics. This means that it can help boost your strength, burn off calories, and help speed up the healing of any injuries you may have. However, dynamic resistance works in a slightly different way.

Explaining dynamic resistance to somebody who has never looked into dynamic resistance before can be challenging. However, we will do our best.

Dynamic resistance is an exercise for your muscles and your mind.

You are essentially tensing your muscles up and moving them with dynamic resistance. To do this, you are supposed to imagine an external force pushing down on your muscles and looking to combat that force.

One of the significant benefits of dynamic resistance, and one of the reasons why it plays such a prominent role in the DDP system, is that not only is it going to help people to boost their strength, but it can also have an impact on the heart rate. When done correctly, dynamic resistance exercises will raise your heart rate.

Dynamic resistance is essentially strength training and cardiovascular exercises rolled into one.

Sports Rehabilitation Techniques

As we have mentioned countless times, DDP Yoga was initially designed as a sports rehabilitation program.

The system was designed by somebody who was going through severe injuries at the time (trust us, wrestling can break the body, even if it is all scripted).

This means that when you use the program, you will be introduced to stretches that can help to rehabilitate certain muscle groups.

These stretching exercises are very easy to do and similar to the exercises you would find if you went to a physiotherapist. Of course, the benefit of working with DDP Yoga is that the cost is much lower than hiring a physical therapist.

There have been countless sports stars that have used the rehabilitation techniques introduced in DDP Yoga. This includes many top wrestling professionals. It will be no substitute for visiting an actual physiotherapist, but it can really help those sticking to a budget.

Yoga Videos

So, now you know about all the yoga and other exercises in the system, let’s talk a little about how it is delivered.

Most of the tuition on DDP Yoga is delivered through videos.

Each of these videos is short and snappy, most of them presented by DDP himself.

These videos walk you through one set of exercises.

In the early videos, every one of the techniques is carefully explained. However, as things go on and you get used to more complicated exercises, there is less tuition, and you will be enjoying rapid-fire workouts that can help to boost your health and help you to recover from those injuries.

Because DDP Yoga has a vast amount of cash behind it, you will be pleased to know that the videos are incredibly well-produced. The lighting and sound are fantastic, and everything has been planned to ensure that you know exactly what is happening.

As you go through the DDP Yoga program, you can choose which videos you want to watch, although we encourage you to follow the structure that DDP has come up with. It will make things easier and likely lead to faster development.

Live Community Workouts

Most of the content that you see on DDP is pre-recorded. This way, you can view it whenever you want, which is always important when working out.

However, every week, there are live community workouts.

These live community workouts will have thousands of people exercising simultaneously (don’t worry, you don’t have to look at one another!)

One of the significant perks of these live community workouts is that you will get introduced to new techniques. In our experience, the live sessions are where DDP experiments with potential inclusions to their program.

Community For Motivation and Advice

You will join a community of like-minded individuals when you get signed up for DDP Yoga.

On the platform, there are various ways for you to interact with other fitness enthusiasts.

In our experience, DDDP Yoga offers one of the better fitness forums. So many motivational stories are discussed here, with countless people reporting on their fitness journey.

One of our favorite things about the forum is the amount of helpful advice then gets thrown about. We have used a lot of this advice to take our fitness to the next level.

Plans Suitable For All Fitness Levels

We know we have said this a lot, but DDP Yoga started life as a program for beginners. Finally, however, DDP realized he had something that the more seasoned workout warriors would also love.

This means that DDP began developing multiple workout programs designed for different experience levels. So, through DDP Yoga, you get to enjoy the following levels.

  • Limited Mobility
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Extreme

Remember, you can progress through these levels as you find yourself getting fitter. It isn’t uncommon for people who started at the beginner level to eventually make their way to extreme workouts.

DDP Yoga Nutrition Plan

Nearly everything to do with DDP Yoga is focused on those workouts. However, as anybody looking to get fit will know, exercise isn’t the only thing you need to focus on. You also need to eat the right foods.

DDP offers a complete nutrition plan on the site. While it isn’t a tailored nutrition plan, there should be enough information to allow you to build your own plan based on your dietary needs.

DDP doesn’t stop here, though. The site knows that not everybody is going to be great at cooking. So, over the last year, DDP has started producing its cooking shows. This allows people to learn how to cook healthy.

Their cooking shows have the same production levels as their fitness videos, and they genuinely can teach you something.

The Benefits of DDP Yoga

If you went through the previous sections, you probably already have a solid idea about most of the benefits of DDP Yoga. However, since this is a system review, we want to drum home some of our favorite parts.

The Exercises Work


DDP Yoga is praised because it is good.

It helps that DDP Yoga was put together by somebody that had to use these exercises to recover from a whole host of injuries.

There is a reason why thousands of people continue to stay subscribed to the system. They are receiving a benefit from it.

Top Level Video Production

We don’t know how many yoga systems you have taken advantage of, but most of them aren’t that brilliant.

While we are sure the exercises are great, the production isn’t top of the line, which detracts from the experience.

This isn’t an issue with DDP. We don’t think we have seen better production levels. It feels like you are receiving private one-on-one instruction.

Content Can Be Accessed In Multiple Ways

DDP provides several ways to access its content.

Most people will likely be accessing it through their computers. However, DDP has recently developed an app allowing far more portable yoga. So you really can access it wherever you want.


DDP works on a subscription model. This means that you pay each month. You will receive access to the content if you continue to pay.

The price is very low. Far cheaper than going to a gym or even hiring a private instructor.

The Downsides of DDP Yoga

While we think DDP Yoga is great, we understand that every program has its downsides, and we want to talk about those here.

Yoga Isn’t For Everybody

While yoga is fantastic, we know that not everybody enjoys yoga.

DDP doesn’t use many tricky poses. However, some people do fancy something a bit more active.

Sure, DDP does try and include a wealth of other exercises in their system. However, it is still mostly yoga.

Not The Only Thing You Need To Get Healthy

If you are a beginner looking to rehabilitate an injury, you will likely find that using DDP Yoga on its own should be fine.

However, as you progress through the levels and dip into the slightly more advanced stuff, you will quickly realize that you need to incorporate other elements into your fitness regime to see vast improvements.

This probably is going to be fine for most people. We are sure that there aren’t that many people that believe they can follow one fitness program and become a fitness god. However, we want to point out that DDP isn’t the be-all and end-all fitness program.

Lots of Upsells

You only ever have to purchase a membership to the site. You don’t have to spend extra cash if you do not wish to do so.

However, do bear in mind that DDP is a business, and a big one at that. This means that they will try and sell you more of their products, which can get a bit irritating.

All of the products will likely be useful for your fitness journey. A few DVDs, some workout equipment, etc.

While you can ignore it, it occasionally becomes a little bit annoying.

Does DDP Yoga Work?

We admit that the marketing and the love for the yoga system can seem overkill. However, we don’t think we have heard a fitness podcast that doesn’t mention DDP Yoga at least once.

However, we can assure you that all of the positive feedback the program has received is very much well-deserved.

This yoga program does pretty much what it says on the tin. This is to help people get fitter and more flexible and even promote healing from injuries.

There is a reason why countless people have bought into the program and rave about it constantly. It is a program that has been proven to work, and whether you love yoga or hate it, you will be getting a ton out of the program.

As we said at the start, we know that DDP Yoga will not be for everybody. No fitness program is. However, if you have landed on this DDP Yoga review, then we know that you are already considering the product, and we can assure you that it is money well spent.

What Other People Are Saying About DDP Yoga

Don’t just take our word for it.

If you look around, you will see countless reviews praising the DDP Yoga system.

Almost everybody who gets their hands on DDP seems to love it. Whether they are new to working out or much more experienced doesn’t matter.

Other people have credited DDP as the main reason they have been able to get fit. Again, this isn’t a surprise. DDP does provide a whole lot of encouragement, and it does ease you into the system.

How You Can Access DDP Yoga

The only way to access DDP Yoga is through the DDP Yoga website and its app. A membership on their website will also apply to their app (available through all major app stores)

Yes. There are DDP Yoga DVDs out there. However, we want to point out that none offers the same experience as the DDP Yoga site. It is just a fraction of the number of workouts. This means the best way to get involved with DDP is to buy a membership to their site.

You can purchase one-month subscriptions to test the waters to see if the program is right for you. However, if you do enjoy it, then we highly recommend that you look into picking up a multi-year subscription. It offers the best value for your money.

DDP Yoga Review Summary: Is This Program Right For You?

Read a review of DDP Yoga? We assure you that all the positives you have heard about the program are correct.

This is not your traditional yoga platform. DDP markets that idea heavily. DDP is about helping people to get fit, even if this is their first time working out, and it accomplishes this in an exceedingly fun way.

While parts of the program are designed to be challenging, DDP Yoga is very much designed for those who want to get fit for the first time or those looking to rehabilitate from various injuries.

If that sounds like you, it may be worth grabbing a membership to DDP Yoga. If you follow the program, you can be sure that DDP Yoga will be worth your time. Thousands and thousands of people have used the program to rouse success. Why can’t you be next?


Does DDP Yoga Work?

Yes. DDP Yoga does work. Countless people have used the system to boost their overall strength and fitness levels. It is also great for those that are looking to rehabilitate injuries.

Is DDP Yoga Good For Weight Loss?

The primary focus of DDP Yoga is to help people rehabilitate injuries, become more flexible, and build up strength levels. However, there are elements of the program that can boost calories burned which, of course, will lead to weight loss.

What Is The Difference Between DDP Yoga and Regular Yoga?

DDP Yoga tends to use simpler poses than regular yoga. However, DDP Yoga also goes beyond just yoga. You will find strength training and cardiovascular exercises too.

Is DDP Yoga Now Free?

No. You have to pay for DDP Yoga. There is a free 7-day trial, though.

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