The 6 Best Travel Yoga Mats

Sometimes, finding the perfect piece of equipment can be challenging, so we did the work for you and used our professional expertise and experience to find the best and highest quality yoga mats. With experience on our shoulders, we were determined to find the yoga mats that would stand the test of time. 

We have scoured the long list of yoga mats to find the best ones that will make you eager to get in your best warrior pose. While there is no perfect yoga mat, we found the ones with qualities yogis want and need in their workout routine. 

These are our top 6 picks for yoga mats:

  1. Gaiam Essential Thick Yoga Mat
  2. BalanceFrom Go-Yoga All-Purpose Mat 
  3. Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat
  4. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat
  5. Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Mat 
  6. HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat 

Let’s look at each one, so you can best figure out which yoga mat is perfect for you. 

1.) Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat – Our Top Choice


The Gaiam Essential Thick Yoga Mat has a convenient carrying strap, and the extra thickness offers support and comfort. The ⅖-inch thick mat comes in 9 colors, including teal, orange, pink, and purple. In addition, the textured grip reduces the chance of slipping and allows you to keep your pose longer. 

Also, the yoga mat is made from NBR foam to provide supreme cushioning. Lastly, you can’t beat the price and may consider getting more than one. With extra cushioning, the Gaiam yoga mat is an excellent option for yoga beginners who are still learning their positions. 


  • Carry strap for easy handling – makes taking your yoga mat from one place to the next a breeze 
  • Extra thickness offers a comfortable feel – the ⅖-inch mat is essential for those requiring extra support. 
  • Textured grip to prevent slippage – the Gaiam has an exceptional grip to avoid injuries. 
  • Built with NBR foam – it offers supreme cushioning for an enjoyable workout. 

What We Like About Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat 

The best part of the Gaiam yoga mat is its extra thickness. Unlike other yoga mats, you won’t feel like you are lying directly on the floor, as opposed to on a mat. The thicker mat also helps protect your knees when in specific positions. In addition, the textured grip is ideal for plank holds and pushups, where you want to avoid slipping. 

Yoga provides balance and flexibility, so you want to ensure you have a mat to allow for such movement. The Gaiam offers a stable opportunity to find your favorite yoga pose. 

What We Don’t Like About Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat 

While there isn’t much to dislike about the Gaiam mat, some users complain that it has a strong odor that is hard to eliminate. If you receive a mat with an intense smell, you can hang your mat in direct sun for a few days. Strong smells also do well with a solution of 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar. 

Pros Cons
Reasonably Priced Can Become Slippery if Wet 
Textured Grip Strong Initial Odor 
⅖-inch Thickness 
Carrying Strap  

2.) BalanceFrom Go-Yoga All Purpose Mat 


The 71” long yoga mat can fit people of nearly every height and offers double-sided non-slip surfaces. The easy-to-use strap and lightweight mat make it simple to carry it from one stop to the next. The mat avoids retaining moisture and potentially causing a slipping hazard. In addition, the yoga mat comes in seven colors, including blue, black, and red. 

Also, you can purchase the BalanceFrom yoga mat with or without yoga blocks, which can help level up your workout. Finally, the slip-resistant mat will help prevent accidents from happening while making your best yoga moves. 


  • Double-sided non-slip surfaces – hid injury by offering a safe place to workout 
  • Moisture-resistant technology – sweat cannot pool on the yoga mat, causing slippage 
  • Lightweight and includes a carrying strap – the mat is easy to take from one place to the next and isn’t heavy to carry 
  • Extra-long – perfect for taller people or those looking for more space on their mat 

What We Like About BalanceFrom Go-Yoga All-Purpose Mat 

The BalanceFrom Go-Yoga All Purpose Mat is reasonably priced and offers you everything you need in a quality mat. The yoga mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces and technology to prevent sweat or other liquids from pooling on top. Also, you can easily clean it with soap and water to keep your yoga mat smelling and looking fresh. 

What We Don’t Like About BalanceFrom Go-Yoga All-Purpose Mat 

While the BalanceFrom mat has a lot going for it, there are a few qualms. First, you may notice indents in the mat after use, and the mat can be a bit squeaky during use. We also wish it was a bit thicker for added comfort. In addition, the mat may tear over time, especially with excessive use. 

Pros Cons 
Extra-Long Could Be Thicker 
Double-Sided Non-Slip Features Prone To Indents In Fabric 
Lightweight With Carrying Strap Squeaky 

3.) Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat 


The Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat doesn’t contain latex or PVC, which offers a healthier option for yoga mats. The mat is printed with a body alignment to ensure you place your hands and feet correctly. In addition, the mat is 6mm thick, offering comfort and optimal grip. The mat is 72” inches long and 26” inches wide, making it ideal for all sizes. 

Also, the HealthyogaYoga Mat comes in seven colors, including purple, pink, turquoise, and grass-green. Finally, remember that the yoga mat is hand-washed only, so you can’t throw it in the washing machine. If you remember cleaning it after use, this won’t become an issue. 


  • Extra-Long and Wide – measures 6 feet long, making it ideal for taller people. 
  • Made Without Latex or PVC – made with eco-friendly materials and reduces the chance of unpleasant odors. 
  • Printed Body Alignment Chart – included chart helps determine where you should place your hands and feet during specific exercises. 
  • Diamond-Shaped Surface to Maintain Grip – ensures your feet and hands are sturdy in certain poses. 

What We Like About Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats 

For starters, anything that uses fewer chemicals is always positive. In addition, we like the unique body alignment chart printed on the mat to ensure proper form. The carrying strap is also handy, especially when walking to yoga class. Also, the Healthyoga mat is longer and wider than most mats, making it ideal for more people. 

What We Don’t Like About Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats 

You don’t want to leave the Healthyoga in a hot car because the mat is prone to warping in extreme heat, and you’ll be out your money and your mat. On that same note, the mat is not ideal for hot yoga because it is more prone to become slippery. You can avoid it becoming too slippery by adding a towel on top. 

Pros Cons 
Carrying strap Prone to Become Slippery
Eco-Friendly Warps in Hot Conditions 
Extra-Long ; Wide Hand-wash Only 
Printed Body Alignment Chart 

4.) Jade Yoga Harmony Mat 


The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat offers a 3/16-inch thickness and a natural rubber to aid in better gripping. In addition, the mats don’t have any PVC, EVA, or synthetic rubber. With proper care, the high-quality yoga mats can last for several years and ensure you get plenty of use. 

Also, the brand has planted over two million trees since 2006, which is a valid selling point. While the mats are stylish, they are also durable and offer supreme quality. Finally, Jade mats are made in the United States with both U.S. and foreign materials. 


  • Made with Natural Rubber vs. Synthetic Rubber – natural rubber is more efficient and provides more stability than synthetic rubber. 
  • Long-Lasting – quality materials ensure the yoga mat doesn’t fall apart and lasts for a long time. 
  • Quality grip to prevent slipping – high-quality gripping prevents slipping and accidents from occurring.

What We Like About The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

We appreciate that the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat is not made with harsh chemicals and offers a healthy, durable place to stretch. The mat has a firm grip and provides more comfort than traditional synthetic rubber mats. We are also impressed with the ten color choices, allowing users to pick one to match their personality. 

What We Don’t Like About The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

The higher price would be the only reason the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat doesn’t rank higher on our list. Also, it also doesn’t have a carrying strap, which you would expect in this price range. 

Pros Cons 
High-Quality Materials Expensive 
Variety of Colors Lack of Carrying Strap 
Durably Made  

5.) Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Mat 


Sometimes, with yoga mats, you need something basic, and that’s why the Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Mat makes our list. The mat has an impressive ½-inch thickness, which rivals others on the market. In addition, the mat is made with textured foam, offering stability and traction. 

In addition, the yoga mat comes in five colors, including gray, red, pink, and purple. Amazon-brand products are competitive with brand names, and you shouldn’t overlook the yoga mats simply because they are by Amazon. 


  • Carrying Strap – A convenient strap makes lugging your yoga mat around more bearable and allows you to be hands-free. 
  • Thick Foam Mat – Added thickness provides comfort for those who don’t usually get down on their knees. 
  • Extra-long at 74” inches – The length means even those taller can enjoy laying flat on the mat without their head sticking off. 

What We Like About The Amazon Basic Extra Thick Exercise Mat 

We like that the Amazon Basics mat is reasonably priced and extremely thick, as far as yoga mats go. Since the mat is thicker, it is welcome to have the carrying strap since sometimes it can be a hassle to have it lug it around. In addition, the mat is ideally padded, making it gentle on the knees. Finally, its length makes it a huge winner at 74” inches. 

What We Don’t Like About The Amazon Basic Extra Thick Exercise Mat

You might find the mat slippery if you sweat a lot during your workout, so ensure you use it cautiously. Also, if you use the mat on hardwood or tile, you likely will notice it move around a bit. You also want to avoid using shoes on the mat because it can cause scuff marks. 

Pros Cons 
Ideal Thickness and Length Can Get Slippery 
Includes Carrying Strap Moves Around Easily 
Reasonably Priced Shoes Cause Scuff Marks 

6.) HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat 


The HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat lives up to its name, offering one inch of thickness. The lightweight mat comes with a carrying strap, which is always welcomed and has a non-slip feature to prevent injury. In addition, the HemingWeigh mat is built to avoid tearing and ripping, so you can enjoy the mat for years to come.

Depending on your preference, you can use the HemingWeight indoor or outdoor, allowing for plenty of opportunities. With a bit extra length, you can enjoy not having your poses go off the mat and onto the flooring. 


  • One Inch Thick Mat – Offers superior thickness over most yoga mats on the market. 
  • Non-slip grip – Ensures your feet stay in place while moving from one position to the next. 
  • Secure and Durable – The yoga mat won’t deteriorate over time and will withstand daily use. 
  • Carrying Strap – The handy strap allows you to use both hands while making it in time for your next yoga class. 

What We Like About The HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat 

If you have knee problems, you will love the extra thickness of the HemingWeigh mat. While not everyone needs the extra thickness, it provides the comfort that some people require. In addition, the mat is easy-to-clean and made with safe materials, so you can feel comfortable using it daily. 

What We Don’t Like About The HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat 

The yoga mat isn’t as long as others on the list, coming in at 70” inches in length. While most people can fit easily, having options for taller people is excellent. Also, like other yoga mats, it may have a strong scent. Remember, you can lay it out in direct sunlight to help lessen the odor. 

Pros Cons 
Extra-thickShorter in Length 
Carrying Strap Strong smell 

What To Look For When Buying Yoga Mats?


Not everyone requires extra thickness; however, the feature can help make getting on your knees much more bearable. The average thickness of a yoga mat is ⅛ inches, so you can decide whether you would need more or not. If you have bad knees, try to find a yoga mat with at least ½ inch thickness. 


It’s best to look at a yoga mat description to see what materials are used. While PVC is easy to clean, it’s non-absorbent and more likely to become slippery after a long yoga session. An eco-friendly yoga mat is an excellent choice, but be mindful that it might not have as much grip as other mats. 


Not only is the material necessary, but so is the texture of your yoga mat. Yoga mats with textured surfaces offer better grip and help you keep strenuous poses longer. In addition to the texture, you want to see if the mat is double-sided for optimal use. 


You will want a lightweight yoga mat if you often travel or walk to your yoga class. You’ll want something that packs well and isn’t heavy to carry around. In addition, finding a lightweight yoga mat with a carrying strap will help make your life a little easier. Remember, lightweight doesn’t necessarily mean poorer quality. 

Final Verdict – The Best Yoga Mat 

The Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat 

While the competition was tough, we found the best yoga mat to be the Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat. The extra thickness and convenient carrying strap help the yoga mat reign supreme. In addition, Gaiam continuously produces quality products, so you know you can trust the brand. So, if you’re ready to add the best yoga mat to your collection, click here to buy it on Amazon.  


What’s an ideal thickness for yoga mats?

You should opt for a thickness of around 3 mm to provide a sturdy, quality mat. You only need to go thicker if you have knee issues and need extra thickness. 

How much should a quality yoga mat cost?

A quality yoga mat can cost as little as $25 and up to even up to $100. Remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to finding quality yoga mats that will last for several years. 

What’s the best material for yoga mats?

Your best bet is natural rubber when it comes to yoga mats. The material is long-lasting and durable, so you’ll get plenty of use. 


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