What Is Trap Yoga?

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You’re undoubtedly wondering, “What Is Trap Yoga?” It’s a vinyasa-style yoga flow with trap music (a form of hip hop influenced by heavy bass and rhythmic beats) specially prepared for her class by DJ TrueStarr. Add in Floyd-Mayo’s lively enthusiasm and unique brand of motivation, which she refers to as “ratchet affirmations,” and you’ve got a total body workout.

Whether it seems like a delightful approach to learning yoga, it is. Unintended racism, on the other hand, provided the need for something similar to Trap Yoga. After attending yoga sessions around Oakland, Floyd-Mayo was inspired to start her fitness studio.

What Is Trap Yoga, Exactly? 

Trap Yoga is a mind and body workout that pushes your limits! This athletic form of yoga with changing sequences will improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. In addition, you can anticipate a carefully selected music mix in which you will sweat and strain yourself to your limits! All levels are welcome.

The advantages of Trap Yoga are numerous.

Muscle and Flow

Breath synchronized movements are thrilling and completely changing. Strengthen all muscle groups, the neurological and cardiovascular systems. As you develop endurance in your mind and body, you’ll improve sensitivity to your sensations.


This yoga session will leave you calm and attractive. A 60-minute session that focuses on stretching and movement. While you roll and slink your body into a posture, build your Tapas (inner heat).

Trap Yoga Empowers You In Several Ways

“The best part about trap yoga is that it allows you to get out of your head and into your body without losing momentum,” says Julia Gates, co-founder of ONE Yoga. 

Floyd-Mayo was in a specialized massage therapy that focuses on muscular development, but she had no prior experience practicing it. She knew that she would never really get from yoga without a feeling of belonging around her, which represented a significant shift in her life. 

Floyd-Mayo grew up dealing with anger management problems. And after she got into trouble while in college due to them, a counselor advised her to try yoga. Years later, she was lost. Following a divorce and learning how to get away while tackling her head-on proved helpful. She believes that many people who attend her workshop are like her, having experienced similar circumstances. 

When Floyd-Mayo decided to use yoga to trap beats in her house, Trap Yoga was challenging on everyone’s mind. But, she was having a good time, and after she began to use her unique style in a guest class. Then, at a friend’s studio, she realized it filled an essential need among many women of color.

While the phrase “twerking while hitting yoga postures” appeals to many, Floyd-Mayo aims to empower everyone who enters her classes.

“I think it’s empowering because you can get out of your head and into your body while also progressing. It also helps to have something physical to hold on to when you’re doing things like Headstand or Triangle Pose,” she explains. “Holding the postures and having that inner dialogue like, ‘I don’t know if I can maintain this,’ … but in yoga, you get the opportunity to tell yourself honestly, 

What Are the Benefits Of Trap Music For Your Inner Self?

Trap music is, without a doubt, an essential part of the class experience. Though DJ TrueStarr mostly plays tracks that suit the current vibe of the room, Floyd-Mayo has specific tastes. “Ride or Die,” by Meagan Thee Stallion with VickeeLo, is one of her current favorites to flow to. Floyd-Mayo loves the upbeat rhythm, which makes it ideal for twerking, but she also appreciates the message behind it: “Ride for yourself.”

The nuggets she picks up from these songs and life lessons she’s acquired over the years directly translate to her ratchet affirmations. In today’s world of data saturation, small bite-size messages of truth connect with Floyd-Mayo’s classes. “My life’s purpose is to be there for others, but I will never leave my mutha—kin’ self behind,” the one that currently speaks to her.

What Role Floyd-Mayo Has Played In the Lives Of Others

Floyd-Mayo’s goal is for her words to get delivered to people to apply to their own lives. She explains, “I’m going to speak a little bit of truth, a little bit of self-love, and a little bit of spirituality.” Mayo strongly believes that her students should reflect on their lives and challenges while encouraging them to accept themselves and live unapologetically.

This can be difficult for many people of color who live and work in white environments, but it is not impossible. It’s possible that coding-switching or dulling my personality would be accepted by others is something I’ve experienced from time to time. Floyd-Mayo has found that many of her clients, like Buckner, had similar experiences in this world. “I used to pretend I was quiet,” she jokes, “but it just leads to additional difficulties, such as impostor syndrome.”

This content originated on Instagram. You could locate the same material in a different form or even more information on their website. Finally, while Floyd-Mayo wishes to become an inspiration for all women of color, she also wants to debunk preconceptions.

“Being obviously black and successful in white environments are not mutually exclusive,” she adds. Her advice to budding entrepreneurs? “You’re going to be too much of everything for someone else, but you have to be yourself.”


Applying what I’d learned was a significant turning point in my life and career. Floyd-Mayo has given Trap Yoga classes for groups at Google. He is also being asked to teach her sessions all over the country.

In 2019, she hoped to grow the Trap Tribe and create a vibrant online community, including yoga films and other opportunities to participate in events, Q&As, and other unique content. “I’ve discovered that I’m far more successful when I can be myself genuinely. So even if it didn’t work out, wouldn’t you rather be rejected for being genuine to yourself?”

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