What Are The Best Yoga Youtube Channels?

Sometimes a yoga class can be a little daunting if you are a beginner, so sometimes, the best place to start is to get used to yoga in both a physical sense and getting used to the jargon and structure of a class on YouTube.

YouTube allows you to go through all this onboarding in the comfort of your living room or garden. One of the best things about doing yoga on YouTube is that you can do it practically anywhere. You are no longer bound by the yoga studio but can get all the benefits of yoga on the go. 

Here are our favorite yoga YouTube channels. Let us know your top picks as well!

1. Yoga With Adriene

Since 2012 Adriene has gained a shocking 11.2 million subscribers on YouTube and has been making home yoga videos for nearly ten years. Adriene is more of a fitness yoga instructor, so if you want this style of yoga class, then she’s ideal.

We love her videos as she is down to earth, and rather than being a bossy yoga instructor, it feels like you are engaging with a friend.

Another reason Adriene is remarkable is that her channel and classes are accessible and free, and anyone from a beginner to a total novice can enjoy her videos. 

If you are into more expert stuff, she has that too, as well as different yoga workouts from 10-minute stretch-outs during your lunch hour or more arduous sessions. Adriene has you covered for all your home yoga needs.

2. Yoga With Tim

Racking up 20 million views over four years, Tim has become a great yoga instructor that many love watching on YouTube. 

Beyond his calming demeanor, Tim offers a space where esoteric or spiritual yoga practices are practiced in tandem with fitness-based yoga. So whether you want to look into pranayama techniques (breathing techniques), balance your yin and yang, or want a yoga posture that will benefit your hands and wrists, Tim is your man.

Tim offers a great selection of educational classes for your health and fitness and some more spiritual-based yoga, too – if that’s what you are into!

3. PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth is an excellent resource on YoutTube for yoga sessions if you are seeking some variety in your sessions. While the previously mentioned channels are run independently, meaning you mainly get one instructor, PsycheTruth is excellent because it has multiple.

Not only do you get a choice of instructors, which many people like, but you also get a great variety of types of yoga classes too. From yoga for pain relief, weight loss, beginners, or even sorting by different yoga practices.

On top of this, as PsycheTruth is a bit more of a company than an independent channel, they also have an app you can get into if you find their channel suits you well, but you don’t necessarily need it to enjoy their yoga sessions at home.

4. Caren Baginski Yoga

Caren Caginski’s channel is great and presents a specific type of yoga in addition to other fortifying practices such as meditation.

Caren mainly focuses on restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, and yoga therapy. She is someone who has been teaching yoga since 2009 and also holds some experience in journalism, meaning her yoga is delivered in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

Her yoga focuses on female empowerment and is excellent if you want to rebuild your confidence through yoga. She even has her own ‘spiritual community,’ called ‘Held,’ which you can join for wider empowerment resources beyond yoga.

5. Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is a great way to do it if you want to get your kids into yoga or involve them in your daily yoga routine. Cosmic Kids Yoga focuses on children and getting them to engage with the benefits of yoga. 

The content is excellent for kids, a great way to entertain and keep them active, which we think is much better than staring at a tablet all day. So whether your kid likes Frozen or Spiderman, there are many themed sessions and more general adventures. There’s something for every child on this channel.

One of our favorite things about the channel is that adults can get involved too. So you can have the whole family doing the yoga on screen and get some mindfulness and relaxation that can enrich everyone’s lives.

6. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga

For those who want the yoga retreat vibe but from their living room, look no further than Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga. All their videos are from the Ashtanga Yoga retreat in Goa, India. So while we may not be able to be there in body, we can be there in our mind and spirit with Purple Valley.

They also have lots of extra stuff like interviews, meditation, and more which you would expect at a yoga retreat, but you get it all for free. The yoga and other content is generally quite ‘esoteric’ and is more about spirituality and wellness than the pure fitness benefits.

While some content is for beginners, they also have lots of content for more advanced yogis, much of it is based on the Eastern practices of yoga, and many love this authentic yoga vibe rather than the fitness-focused content.

Final Thoughts

Wow, there is a yoga instructor for everyone, even kids.

Whether you want an experience that is sanitized of esoteric concepts and focuses purely on fitness and physical benefits, or you seek a more spiritual connection with a metaphysical understanding of yoga and its benefits, there are channels for both.

Conversely, if you want to rebuild your health or mental well-being through yoga, there is a channel for this too.

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