Get Relaxed While Playing With Puppies – Benefits of Puppy Yoga

Imagine combining the joy of playing with a puppy and the relaxation of a yoga class. This unique experience is now offered through puppy yoga, an activity capturing the hearts of yoga enthusiasts and animal lovers. Puppy Yoga is a yoga class where participants engage in traditional yoga poses amidst puppies, offering physical exercise and emotional companionship.

The concept of puppy yoga is designed to foster a connection between humans and animals, offering therapeutic benefits for both parties involved. The presence of puppies is believed to alleviate stress and induce a sense of well-being, enhancing an individual’s yoga practice. The puppies also benefit from attention and socialization, fostering a trusting bond between them and humans.

As puppy yoga continues to gain popularity, more yoga studios are incorporating the presence of these adorable creatures into their classes. Participants enjoy the emotional benefits and may even find themselves stretching and holding poses alongside their furry friends, creating a uniquely delightful yoga experience.

Puppy Yoga and Mental Health

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Puppy Yoga, an innovative combination of yoga and animal therapy, is gaining traction as a means to reduce stress and anxiety. Participants perform traditional yoga poses while surrounded by playful puppies. The interaction with puppies not only provides a fun and engaging environment but also helps to alleviate stress.

Research has shown that being in the presence of dogs can increase the production of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and lowers cortisol levels. With lower cortisol levels, individuals experience a reduction in stress and anxiety. Puppy Yoga also promotes mindfulness, as participants need to focus on their breath and movements while interacting with puppies. This increased focus and presence at the moment reduces stress and anxiety.

Boosting Mood and Serotonin

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, Puppy Yoga has also been linked to improving overall mental health. Spending time with animals, like puppies, has been proven to positively affect mood, as they provide companionship and unconditional love.

Puppy Yoga sessions generate feelings of happiness and joy due to the playful nature of puppies. The interaction between participants and puppies during these sessions creates a deeper connection, leading to emotional satisfaction and mental well-being. As participants engage in the practice, they produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, sleep, and appetite. An increase in serotonin levels is often linked to positive effects on mental health, such as reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In conclusion, Puppy Yoga offers a unique approach to improving mental health by integrating traditional yoga practices with the therapeutic benefits of interacting with puppies. It effectively reduces stress and anxiety and elevates mood through the release of serotonin, contributing to overall emotional well-being.

Puppy Yoga Classes and Events

Yoga Class Structure

Puppy yoga classes combine traditional yoga poses with the added joy and relaxation of interaction with puppies. A typical class begins with a brief introduction, followed by the instructor guiding participants through poses. Puppies are integrated into the class, providing a unique experience for participants as they play and interact with these little furry friends throughout the session. Since puppy yoga focuses on relaxation and enjoyment, the classes are open to all experience levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Finding Local Puppy Yoga Classes

To find a puppy yoga class near you, it is recommended to explore various options. Some popular cities with puppy yoga events include Toronto, Vancouver, and New York.

  • Toronto: Puppy yoga events in Toronto can be found by checking local yoga studios or community centers. You can also search online for upcoming events and classes. One organization that has offered puppy yoga classes is Puppy Love Yoga.
  • Vancouver: Visiting local studios’ websites or social media pages to find information about upcoming puppy yoga classes is advised for those in Vancouver. Studios like Stretch Vancouver or community events organized by PAWS for a Cause might feature puppy yoga classes.
  • New York: Puppy yoga enthusiasts in New York can also check local yoga studios’ websites and social media accounts to stay updated on upcoming classes or events. Non-profit organizations like Animal Haven often collaborate with yoga studios to provide puppy yoga classes.

Overall, puppy yoga classes offer a unique spin on traditional yoga practices, providing participants a fun and relaxing experience. Keep an eye on yoga studio websites and social media pages in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and New York, as they often share information about upcoming classes or events.

Benefits of Puppy Yoga for Puppies

Improving Socialization Skills

Puppy yoga provides an excellent opportunity for puppies to improve their socialization skills. During the sessions, puppies interact with various people and other puppies, exposing them to different sounds, smells, and environments. This helps them develop confidence and adaptability, essential for their long-term success as pets.

Increasing Adoption Chances

Puppy yoga can also increase a puppy’s chances of finding its forever home. Participating in these classes makes puppies more visible to potential adopters who may not have considered visiting a shelter or rescue organization. The positive environment of a yoga class allows puppies to showcase their personalities, making it easier for potential adopters to see how well they would fit into their homes and lives.

Furthermore, puppy yoga helps create a more positive image of shelter and rescue puppies, highlighting their playfulness and compatibility with different lifestyles. This contributes to increasing adoption rates and providing more puppies with loving homes.

A cute French bulldog lies on the lap of the owner

Brand Collaborations and Awareness

Puppy yoga has gained significant attention in recent years, leading to various brands collaborating with yoga studios and animal shelters to promote this unique form of exercise. Several popular brands, usually from the health and wellness sectors, are taking notice and creating partnerships to increase awareness about this trendy practice.

One notable collaboration is between fitness apparel brand [brand] and local yoga studios. By co-hosting puppy yoga classes, [brand] and the yoga studios aim to raise awareness about the importance of physical fitness and mental well-being while introducing more people to the joy of spending time with adorable puppies.

To educate and engage the public, brands often utilize social media platforms featuring puppy yoga events and participant testimonials to showcase this activity’s benefits. This online exposure attracts even more individuals who may become interested in trying out puppy yoga sessions for themselves.

Moreover, some brands also incorporate philanthropic elements into their collaborations by supporting animal welfare organizations. This often involves organizing fundraising events or donating some proceeds from puppy yoga sessions to these organizations. This way, brands can contribute to a meaningful cause while promoting the practice of puppy yoga.

Some key points that highlight the advantages of brand collaborations for puppy yoga include:

  • Increased public awareness about the benefits of puppy yoga
  • The attraction of a wider audience through social media exposure
  • Support for animal welfare organizations through fundraising and donations
  • Stronger relationships between the brand, yoga studios, and participating individuals

In summary, brand collaborations contribute to puppy yoga’s popularity by creating awareness and extending its reach to a larger audience. Such partnerships benefit the companies involved and serve as a catalyst for promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting animal welfare causes.

Supporting Animal Shelters and Rescues

Donations and Fundraising

Animal shelters and rescues rely heavily on donations to continue their important work in helping animals. One significant way puppy yoga events can support these organizations is by raising funds through ticket sales, raffle prizes, and other fundraising activities. Participating in puppy yoga events benefits attendees by promoting relaxation and exercise and allows participants to donate to support local rescues and shelters indirectly.

Some puppy yoga events might partner with shelters and rescues, allocating some proceeds to them. Partnering with different organizations educates the community about the importance of supporting animal welfare initiatives and encourages people to consider adopting pets from these establishments.

Fostering Puppy Socialization

Puppy yoga events often provide an opportunity to foster puppy socialization, which is crucial for their development. Shelters and rescues may bring puppies to these events, allowing them to interact with attendees in a safe and controlled environment. This exposure to various people, situations, and other dogs can help the puppies develop healthy socialization skills, increasing their chances of being adopted into loving homes.

These events provide a fun and unique experience for attendees and directly support shelters and rescues by promoting the adoption of their animals.

By participating in puppy yoga events, attendees can positively impact the lives of animals by supporting shelters and rescue through donations, fundraising, and socialization. It’s a wonderful way to create awareness and foster a community that cares for the well-being of pets in need.

How to Join Puppy Yoga

Booking a Class

To join puppy yoga, you first need to book a class. You can typically do this by checking the schedule of the organization hosting the sessions. If you’re unsure where to find a puppy yoga class, quickly searching your local area or contacting your nearest yoga center can help. Booking your spot in advance is important, as puppy yoga classes tend to fill up quickly.

Safety and Preparation Tips

Here are a few safety and preparation tips to keep in mind before attending your first puppy yoga session:

  • Wear comfortable and stretchy clothes that allow for easy movement.
  • Bring a water bottle and a towel to stay hydrated and comfortable.
  • Ensure you’re aware of any allergies, as puppies can cause an allergic reaction in some people.
  • Check the organization’s policies on bringing your puppy to the class, as some only provide puppies for the session.
  • Arrive early to familiarize yourself with the environment and give yourself time to relax and be present.

Remember these tips, and you’ll be well-prepared and ready to enjoy your puppy yoga experience safely!

Incorporating Puppies into Yoga Practice

Puppy-Friendly Asanas

Incorporating puppies into your yoga practice can be an enjoyable experience for you and the puppies. When choosing asanas, ensure they are puppy-friendly and allow for safe interaction. For example, consider the following poses:

  • Child’s Pose (Balasana): Lay with your knees apart, allowing room for a puppy to snuggle in between.
  • Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): The inverted V-position is perfect for the puppy to run underneath you or imitate the pose.
  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana): In this pose, the puppy may join you by resting on your lap.

Remember to prioritize safety for you and the puppies by carefully practicing these asanas.

Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Decide whether an indoor or outdoor setting suits your puppy’s yoga practice. Each option has its advantages and considerations:


  • Controlled environment: Temperature, noise, and distractions can be managed.
  • Puppy safety: A contained space prevents puppies from wandering off.
  • Flooring: Use a soft, non-slip surface.


  • Fresh air: Enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga in nature.
  • More space: Larger areas accommodate more participants and puppies.
  • Weather: Consider weather conditions like temperature and humidity for puppies’ comfort.

Choose the best setting for you and the puppies, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Other Animal-Inspired Yoga Trends

Besides popular dog yoga, many other forms of animal-inspired yoga trends are catching on. These unique classes blend traditional yoga poses with the presence of animals, allowing participants to connect with nature and experience physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

In goat yoga, participants practice in the presence of adorable, playful goats that are free to roam around and interact with the yogis. This practice provides a fun and lighthearted atmosphere, promoting relaxation and stress relief. Another trend, cat yoga, involves yoga sessions held in cat cafes or animal shelters, where participants can enjoy the therapeutic effects of petting and interact with feline friends.

For those interested in more exotic animals, horse yoga and alpaca yoga have also gained popularity. Horse yoga often involves yoga poses and stretches performed on horseback, helping participants bond with the horse and enhance body awareness, balance, and core strength. Alpaca yoga brings participants outdoors into a peaceful pasture, practicing yoga alongside friendly alpacas who roam around and occasionally participate.

Recent yoga trends have also begun to extend to sea creatures, with dolphin and aquarium yoga as noteworthy examples. Dolphin yoga typically occurs at aquatic centers, where participants engage in guided yoga sessions alongside trained dolphins. The interactions with dolphins are meant to encourage relaxation and positive emotions. On the other hand, aquarium yoga usually involves practicing in front of large tanks filled with marine life, providing a serene and visually stimulating backdrop for yoga practice.

In summary, here are the alternative animal-inspired yoga trends covered:

  • Goat Yoga
  • Cat Yoga
  • Horse Yoga
  • Alpaca Yoga
  • Dolphin Yoga
  • Aquarium Yoga

These innovative animal-inspired yoga trends, including dog yoga, have become popular additions to the wellness world, offering diverse settings and opportunities for people to connect with nature, de-stress, and find a greater sense of well-being.


What is puppy yoga?

Puppy yoga is a unique yoga practice that combines traditional yoga poses with socializing and playing with puppies. The goal is to create a fun and interactive environment for both participants and puppies while still practicing yoga.

Where does puppy yoga take place?

Most puppy yoga classes are held in yoga studios or spaces that can safely accommodate both people and puppies. It’s important to ensure that the chosen location is clean and safe for everyone involved.

Does puppy yoga involve specific breeds?

Puppy yoga classes may feature a variety of breeds, but they’re typically small to medium-sized puppies. Some events might work with a specific breed or those up for adoption from a local shelter.

Are the puppies available for adoption?

The puppies featured in a puppy yoga class are often available for adoption. Organizations or shelters might bring puppies to these events to help them find loving homes. Be sure to ask the event coordinators for information about the adoption process if interested.

Is puppy yoga suitable for beginners?

Yes, puppy yoga is suitable for people of all skill levels. It’s important to remember that these classes often focus on the interaction between the puppies and the participants, which can lead to a more casual and relaxed environment. Be open to the experience and enjoy sharing your practice with furry friends.

What should I bring to a puppy yoga class?

Participants should bring their yoga mats and any other props they may require, such as blocks or straps. A water bottle and a towel are also recommended. Some events might provide these items, so check with your class provider beforehand.

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