Interesting Yoga Trends From The Past That Remain Popular

Yoga has survived more than 15,000 years and, unlike other ancient practices, continues to grow in popularity. As a well-being process, yoga starts with the body but incorporates the mind, helping young and older people to rid their bodies of turmoil caused by stress and anxiety.

Yoga’s ancient philosophy remains popular because everyone is looking for logical ways to enhance their well-being and restructure their ever-increasing fast-paced lives.

The Yoga Industry in Numbers

Worldwide, the whole yoga industry is worth over $130 billion, with more than 300 million practicing it. In addition, apparel accounts for $31.3 billion, and equipment for $13 billion. Meanwhile, yoga tourism’s worth stands at $919 billion. Yet, despite its long history, yoga continues to adapt, evolving with the advancement of humankind. No other fitness trend or wellness industry has managed this remarkable achievement, as figures show that more than 300 million people practice yoga globally.

Past and Present Popular Yoga Trends

With a plethora of yoga styles and classes to choose from, here are some of the most exciting yoga trends of today:

1.      Adding Something Extra to Yoga Classes

Yoga continues to be popular with people of all ages. Still, many want something more challenging, mainly Gen Z. Thanks to them, we see the rise of more athletic or acrobatic yoga routines like power, aerial, inversion, and pole yoga. Aerial yoga is not all that new but is becoming increasingly popular. Many people alternate these classes with milder forms of yoga.

2.      Upgraded Online Yoga Classes

These past two and a half years, the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns increased the demand for online classes, either with membership, pay-per-view, on-demand, or live. Thanks to the continued demand, the quality of online sessions continues to improve, even as many people adopt a hybrid approach by alternating online with in-person classes.

3.      More Personalized Yoga Classes and Retreats

People are eager to get back into shape, and the personalized approach guides them to reach their goals and perfect their bodies.

Furthermore, their hectic lifestyles and travel restrictions have also increased the demand for single-day yoga retreats instead of week-long ones at far-flung destinations. Besides practicing yoga at these retreats, included people enjoy various other activities like meditation classes, different healing sessions, and sharing circles to add to the entire rejuvenating experience.

4.      Incorporating Strength Training

For some people, yoga is more than just a stretching class; they want to improve their strength. Yoga offers several opportunities for them to lose fat, build muscle and regain their flexibility through strength training in a well-rounded workout.

The practice of yoga allows everyone to participate in this well-rounded form of physical and spiritual exercise. Thanks to its many followers, including sports stars like Andy Murray, LeBron James, Mohamed Salah, etc., people have realized that it can do more than give you flexibility and mindfulness. Yoga is the perfect way for anyone, including these great sportsmen, to help soothe overstretched muscles and build strength and stamina.

5.      Men and Children Learn of Yoga’s Benefits

Created for men by men in ancient times, yoga has been chiefly popular with women in today’s world. However, men are making their return to yoga studios globally as they look to meet their physical goals and mental well-being.

Moreover, yoga is also increasingly used to help children manage anxiety and obtain mindfulness. The trend started over the last two years to help parents entertain their children at home and get them moving. As a result, several kiddies’ online classes and channels acquired a fast following – a trend that will most likely continue growing over the next few years.

6.      Importance of Breathwork Classes (Pranayama)

The rise of yoga postures (Asana) is only one side of yoga, and its practice needs all the other elements to make it whole. These include meditation, pranayama, and spiritual philosophy. Learning yoga breathwork helps people incorporate it into their daily routine for better breathing habits and improved well-being.

7.      Facial Yoga

Anti-aging takes on a whole new meaning with the latest combination of facial yoga techniques. These include facial exercises, acupressure, and massage to improve the overall complexion and tone of the 57 facial and neck muscles. Some benefits of face yoga include improved circulation, reduced wrinkles thanks to the release of tension, and increased collagen production. In addition, people increasingly appreciate the lifted, tightened, and toned appearance from regularly performing face yoga.

Bottom Line

Yoga trends continue to come and go, but the crux of the practice remains the same, improved mental and physical health.

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