How To Use Yoga Straps (5 Ways)

Wondering how to use yoga straps? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here is the complete guide for using yoga straps.

A yoga strap may be used to incorporate some self-help into your yoga session. Regardless of your level of expertise with yoga, a strap can help you with support, alignment, and posture. Begin by stretching your arms overhead. You can also do this while standing up, and if you’re in a more active mood, add some arm circles as well! The free 30 Day Yoga Challenge is an excellent opportunity to warm up the muscles and work on your flexibility. Of course, having a strap on hand when you work through the challenge will assist.

Remember that you should not apply too much force when creating postures! Always listen to your body and allow yourself to open up at your own pace when utilizing a strap.

1. Seated Forward Fold

The Seated Forward Fold is a fantastic hamstring stretch, but it is frequently neglected owing to improper alignment. As a result, people often reach for their feet or legs by bending downward since they cannot extend sufficiently.

How using a yoga strap helps: When you use a strap in the seated forward fold, you can practice excellent alignment because your back will not let, allowing for a greater hamstring stretch.

How Using yoga strap Helps in Seated Forward Fold:

  1. Sit on your mat and cross your legs, placing the strap beneath your toes.
  2. Simply extend your limbs and bend your feet, then fold over your legs with a straight back. You don’t have to go very far here; all you need is to feel a strong stretch in your hamstrings.
  3. This pose can be modified by folding forward with your left leg straight and your right foot on the inside of your left thigh or the Half Head-to-Knee Pose (folding forward with your left leg bent and your right calf on the outside of your left knee). It also works for any variation of a forward fold, such as the Head

2. Reclined Big Toe

The Hand to Reclined Big Toe Pose is a reclined variation of the standard Pose. This allows for a significant stretch in the hamstrings, but it might be near impossible to do safely and effectively if you don’t have flexibility. Again, using a yoga strap is quite helpful in this posture.

Using a yoga strap can help you avoid these problems: Instead of hanging onto your leg or foot with your hands, which might round your back or bend your leg, using a strap in Reclined Big Toe gives your arms extra length.

Using yoga strap in Reclined Big Toe:

Put your hands on the mat beside your hips and bend your left knee. Bend your right leg to bring it to your chest and wrap the strap around the ball of your foot. Straighten out your leg while grasping both ends of the strap.

Make sure the harness fits appropriately by tightening the strap securely. Hold one side of the buckle in your teeth, then repeat on the other side. On the right side, repeat the process.

3. Bow

The seated forward fold is a delicious chest opener for newcomers to build shoulder flexibility and alleviate stress on the back. However, if you’re just getting started and have tight shoulders, this posture can be rather unpleasant. Instead, use a yoga belt to open your chest wide to give your arms more length.

How using a yoga strap helps: If you don’t yet have enough range of motion in your shoulder or chest region, it may be helpful to use a strap while in Bow. It also makes the backbend more flexible, allowing your body to enter into the bend softly.

Using yoga strap in Bow:

  1. Get down on your stomach.
  2. Toss your leash on the ground and grab hold of both ends. Begin by sliding your hands closer to your feet while bending your knees.
  3. Place one foot in the strap and raise your knees off the mat.
  4. You may move forward and backward a little if you’re breathing deeply, which is perfectly normal.

4. Bound Angle

This pose, also known as the Bent Angle Pose or Butterfly Pose, is a fantastic hip opener, but it may be difficult to concentrate on when you’re having difficulty keeping a straight back. A strap in Butterfly not only helps you maintain good posture by supporting your back but also draws your heels closer to you to broaden the stretch in your hips.

 The way yoga strap helps: A strap in Bound Angle enables you to achieve proper alignment by giving full support to your lower back and drawing your feet towards your body, allowing for a deeper hip stretch.

Using yoga strap in Bound Angle:

  1. Begin by sitting tall with your heels touching and a long spine.
  2. Pull both ends of the yoga strap behind your back and towards your feet.
  3. Wrap the strap around your feet and pull it tight.
  4. Gently bring your feet in closer to you to increase the stretch and relax your lower back.

5. Seated Side Stretch

The best stretch for tight shoulders is the Easy Seated Side Stretch, which may be done while seated or standing. However, in many cases, individuals do not have the range of motion in their shoulders and collapse through their chests, reducing the gain. Using a strap is an excellent method to counteract this.

Using a yoga strap can help you achieve the following effects: Using a Yoga Side Strap encourages your shoulders and chest to open rather than collapse forward. For a deeper stretch, begin walking your hands closer together.

Using yoga strap in Seated Side Stretch:

  1. Keep your strap in front of you with your hands at arm’s length apart.
  2. Take a deep breath and hold it as you lift the strap over your head and down your back. If you can’t complete the whole movement without bending your arms, move your hands farther apart and repeat the stretch until it feels natural.
  3. Begin by bending to the side, keeping your chest lifted and back straight, by engaging your core if you feel comfortable.


There are several creative methods to use the strap in your yoga practice. Make sure you have a long enough strap to play with and get started experimenting with all kinds of ways to incorporate it into your regimen!

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for applying a yoga strap! There are an infinite number of possibilities for one, so I hope this has given you some new ideas to incorporate into your practice to extend, deepen, and improve your alignment and skill. 🙂

What are yoga straps?

Yoga straps are an essential tool for practicing yoga. They help you maintain proper alignment and increase your range of motion in yoga poses.

How do I use yoga straps?

To use a yoga strap, simply wrap it around your body or a yoga prop, such as a mat or bolster. Once the strap is in place, you can adjust your grip to create more or less tension as needed.

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