Best Yoga Shorts for Men: Comfortable and Stylish Options

Comfort is vital for your yoga workout. Unless you prefer to practice in your birthday suit at home, you will need the proper attire for your yoga session. The best yoga shorts for men will depend on each person’s personal preference and the type of yoga practiced. Furthermore, they must offer comfort to avoid distractions during practice.

Therefore, the choices for the best yoga shorts for men vary, depending on whether you prefer your yoga pants to have a lining, want them longer, or want pockets.

What should you look for in a yoga short? Several factors contributed to our choices below. These included their comfort, stretchability, and coverage. After that, we also considered the extras like linings, pockets, etc. Finally, aesthetics also played a role in our choice of yoga shorts because you want to look and feel good before, during, and after your yoga practice.

Here are our picks in the various categories:

Top Picks: Men’s Yoga Shorts

The best yoga shorts for men incorporate style and comfort with a suitable material to enhance your yoga practice. These are our top picks:

Ten Thousand Session Short

The Session Short by Ten Thousand is minimalist in design and made from a lightweight spandex and polyester mix fabric that’s wrinkle-resistant. It also has a light, comfortable liner (optional), a five-inch inseam (and a 7-inch option), and a minimal waistband that won’t bunch up during folds or bends.

The Session Short’s liner is anti-odor and anti-chafe and includes a hidden pocket with a zipper that won’t hamper your movements. Overall, this is a functional and comfortable yoga short for men.

Vuori Kore Short

Another comfortable pair that must have a place in the list of the best yoga shorts for men is the Vuori Kore Short. Made from polyester and elastane, you’ll be happy to know that 46% of the polyester is recycled.

The shorts have a soft feel on the skin, a lightweight liner, and deep side pockets that are convenient for storage. One minor drawback is that the pockets can poke out of the hems of the short if they are weighed down heavily by keys or a cell phone.

See more picks for the best yoga shorts for men in the Yoga Journal.

Stay Cool with the Best Yoga Shorts

If you want to stay cool even after a sweaty session, then here are two of the best yoga shorts for men:

Lulumelon Balancer Short 6”

Made from their fast-drying Everlux fabric, the Lulumelon Balancer 6” short is designed for yoga. The fabric is soft brushed on the outside, but it’s fast drying and feels cool inside. It has a slim-tapered design and four-way stretch for a comfortable fit. The elastic-free waistband and zippered pocket eliminate bulk from this yoga short.

Everlux Yoga Short 5”

Staying cool allows you to keep your focus on your yoga practice instead of just wanting to get out of your clothes. Another pair of breathable shorts is Lulumelon’s Everlux Yoga Shorts. These shorts come in 5- and 6-inch lengths. They have a tight fit with silicone grippers to help keep the shorts in place on the inner waistband and hem. The hidden back pocket is an extra feature for storing essentials.

Comfortable and Stylish: Men’s Yoga Shorts

Buying a good pair of yoga shorts for yoga practice is crucial because their design takes the stretching and bending required. Anything else would slip around or be too uncomfortable. Here are two of the best yoga shorts for men if you want to feel comfortable and stylish:

Nike Dri-FIT Flex Rep Pro

Nike remains a reliable sports brand with stylish designs. The Nike Dri-FIT Flex Flex Rep Pro yoga shorts are made to withstand the stretching and strains of a yoga session while keeping your comfort and style in mind. The lightweight fabric of the Dri-FIT technology removes sweat from the skin to ensure you stay dry.

The shorts have perforated panels at the back for more breathability, a reversible waistband with a drawcord, and side pockets for storage.

Lululemon Linerless Pace Breaker Shorts

Your ultimate comfort was the force behind the design of the Lulumelon Linerless Pace Breaker short, making it ideal for yoga. Its lightweight and swift fabric has a  four-way stretch for unrestricted movement. A grid mesh inner waistband ensures your skin is not irritated, and its moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry.

The 9” length gives these yoga shorts a classic fit and a streamlined silhouette while ensuring comfort during your yoga routine. It has a side-zippered pocket designed for functionality and low bounce.

Beat the Heat: Best Shorts for Hot Yoga

To beat the heat, you need a yoga short that’s lightweight. Here are two pairs that you will love to wear:

Crow Flow Short

These are the ideal shorts for an active lifestyle because you can wear them for yoga, swimming, and running. Their lightweight fabric contains recycled polyester, is water-repellent, and has a 4-way stretch. They have a medium compression liner that’s very comfortable, odor-resistant, and antimicrobial.

Alo Yoga 7-inch Repetition Short

It’s tough to feel hot and uncomfortable in these shorts from Alo Yoga. They contain a light and airy textile that’s performance-woven. Most importantly, the moisture-wicking nature of the fabric keeps your lower body sweat-free.

Its lay-flat waistband keeps the shorts upright and prevents them from riding up during your practice. One small drawback is the internal drawcord, but if you don’t knot it, these are the perfect pants to beat the heat.

Find Your Perfect Fit: Men’s Yoga Shorts

Finding the perfect fit can prove difficult if a range of shorts does not come out in several sizes and inseam lengths. These are the best yoga shorts for men if you want the perfect fit:

4-rth Men’s Fusion Crosstrain Yoga Short

These yoga shorts have a decisive combination of style, comfort, and performance. The fabric is a  soft 2×1 Modal RIB made from bamboo, providing an exceptional range of motion for yoga, running, the gym, and lounging.

Bamboo is more durable than cotton and has better moisture-wicking. Thanks to the elasticized band that will hold your shorts up even during inversions, there’s no need for a drawcord. The fabric conforms and is even comfortable when wet. These are incredibly durable, even for hot yoga.

You can order custom colors for all sizes available from XS to XL. There are also various inseam lengths to ensure you always have a perfect fitting yoga short.

4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts

You need an excellently fitting pair of shorts if you want optimal movement. Once again, 4-rth is a clear winner in this category with its Transition Yoga Shorts. These might look small, but they provide unbelievable movement capabilities. Other features include a brilliant pocket design that prevents them from bunching up during yoga sessions and a drawcord with a criss-cross stitch in case you want to tighten the shorts.

These eco-friendly shorts combine the best features of 4-rth’s popular designs – the Eco-Track Short and the Fusion Short. If you want them to be a bit looser, buy a size up because they are true to size.

Enhanced Performance: Best Yoga Shorts for Men

Wearing the right yoga clothes can help enhance your performance. Some people prefer a more loose-fitting design, whereas others prefer something that sits skin-tight. Here are two designs perfect for enhanced performance:

Yoga Crow Swerve Short

The nylon and polyester blend of performance fabrics from Yoga Crow allows you to move seamlessly through sessions. The Swerve Short includes an antimicrobial and secure boxer brief-liner so you can worry about your practice and not your modesty. Furthermore, you can wear the shorts several times and wash the liner after each session.

Rhone 7-Inch Mako Tech Short

These are unlined shorts with gusseted seams for increased mobility. Their DWR finish makes them perfect if you practice yoga outdoors. With a 7” inseam, the Rhone is made from recycled polyester fabric and has a drawcord adjustable band. You can also enhance your workout with these comfortable yoga shorts that include two pockets for your essentials as you move around.

Must-Have Men’s Yoga Shorts for Every Practice

If you like to combine yoga with running or like to practice several yoga styles, then these are two pairs of must-have yoga shorts for you:

Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Shorts

These shorts are super comfortable as they fit your body contours and allow the best mobility. The nylon and spandex blend won’t inhibit your poses or flexibility. They have a drawstring closure and one pocket.

Anthem Athletics Solstice Yoga Short

The Solstice Yoga shorts are slim-fit and made with 100% Spandex that hugs the thigh comfortably without inhibiting your mobility during practice. They have a 5” or 7” inseam and a slightly thicker waistband than other options but don’t come with an expensive price tag.

Best Men’s Yoga Shorts: Balance Style and Functionality

Some people want style and functionality from their yoga shorts. Here are two excellent choices if you are looking for the best yoga shorts for men:

Reigning Champ Solotex Mesh 6-Inch Short

Even though the Solotex mesh isn’t as flexible as some other fabrics featured in this guide, these are impressive if you want to balance style and functionality. These pants are made from 100% polyester and have zippered side pockets. They have a 6” inseam and some impressive colors that make them ideal for going from yoga practice to meeting friends for a coffee.

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Shorts

With the Nike Yoga Dri-Fit Shorts, you can ensure comfort and style for your practice and beyond. You will stay dry throughout your yoga session thanks to the moisture-absorbing qualities of the fabric engineered with 75% recycled polyester. The fabric has plenty of stretch for the whole range of poses. At 8.5”, the short sits just above the knee, making it one of the most extended yoga shorts. It also has a standard fit for a more relaxed feel. The shorts have a drawcord closure on an elastic waist and side pockets, the one on the right having a zipper.

If you want style and functionality, you can expect it from the exceptional fit and finish of Nike’s popular yoga shorts, which are versatile for yoga and stepping out.

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