Your Definitive Guide to Bulgarian Split Squats

Thanksgiving is now just a few days away; as always, it will be followed in short by the Christmas season. Following that, you will be met with New Year, where you might find yourself ready to try at least committing to a significant workout regime. One that might include the Bulgarian split squat. You are not alone in any one of these ongoing situations. The brief timeline described above may also be known as “the American way.” Of course, this “way” would not be complete without giving up on your fitness goals just a few weeks after that ball dropped in New York. This is where we would like to support you! Your willpower will never accomplish a significant lifestyle change – you need the requisite information applied correctly for this to happen. To get started down this road, look at your definitive guide to Bulgarian split squats.

 1.  Safety first

Any well-versed gym rat knows failure to use proper safety precautions while working out can result in significant injury. So much so that your life changes significantly – even if for a few months of physical recovery. This is not the outcome you desire for your fitness goals. To avoid it, stretch before you begin any major workout routine. Bulgarian split squats included. You will want to focus on warming up your legs and lower torso for this specific exercise. Additionally, if you start any workout malnourished or dehydrated, it will not go well for you. For your own sake, please check all these boxes before moving forward.

2.  Set up your area

The Bulgarian split squat is not your grandfathers’ pushups in his bedroom. While those were undoubtedly beneficial, these splits are genuinely next level. But you cannot just walk into this level; you must prepare for it. Not only are there a couple of equipment requirements for the Bulgarian Split Squat, but the form of it is such a specific failure to adhere to it will result in zero benefits. But more on that in a second. You will need a bench, chair, or other raised item. This is so you can get the form of these splits down perfectly. You will also need a handheld weight of some kind. The specifics of the shape do not matter. But remember what we talked about regarding safety – use a bit of personal judgment when picking your weight.

3.  Getting started

To kick things off, you will want to stand roughly one pace in front of your chosen support item, with your back turned to it. Picture a flamingo standing on one leg with the other tucked behind it. This position is what you are going for. Remember, your other foot should be planted on the floor. This position will require more energy to balance yourself than you might be used to exert. Do not beat yourself up if it takes a minute to assume and hold this position. If it is not apparent, this exercise is something only some do because it can be more demanding than most.

4.  Up, down, and back again

Once you feel comfortable in the starting position for Bulgarian split squats, it is time to make some headway. First, pick up that trusty weight you selected earlier. You will want to hold this at chest level, no more than a few inches from your breastplate. Now, you can finally begin this exercise. With the leg planted on the floor, bend at the knee until it forms a 90-degree angle with the said floor. Hold that for a second or two before returning to a completely upright position, focusing on fully extending your plant leg. At no point should the weight you are holding move. Additionally, remember your elevated leg should be a balancer since it can move forward to accommodate your downward bending motion.

5.  Push yourself, within reason

Working out is intended to benefit the participant physically. However, this participant will only get out of it what they put into it. Going nearly berserk trying to achieve physical fitness is the most appealing route. But, no matter how you cut it, this is the worst thing you can do for yourself. There is a perfect chance your body is not used to the amount of strain induced by Bulgarian Split Squats or something similar. You need to account for this to avoid the gym longer than you want. To be brief – do not bite off more than you can chew.

Hopefully, everything above answers the questions you had regarding Bulgarian split squats. As with anything, first-hand experience trumps all, so do not hesitate to start your exercise journey.  

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