Unlock the Secret to Comfort: What Underwear to Wear with Leggings

As a yogi, you are aware that ease is paramount when it comes to honing your craft. But what about the underwear? What kind of underwear should you wear with your leggings? From cotton and seamless panties to thongs and boyshorts, there are many options for comfortable yet stylish undergarments that can be worn beneath your favorite pair of yoga pants. We’ll look at some great choices in underwear to wear with leggings so you can get through your next session without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

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what underwear to wear with leggings

Boyshorts are an excellent choice for yogis who want more coverage than thongs but don’t want visible panty lines when wearing leggings. They provide full coverage without being too bulky or uncomfortable, making them the perfect underwear for your yoga practice. Unlike regular underwear, boyshorts won’t show through thin workout pants and will keep you feeling comfortable throughout your session. The elastic waistband provides support while allowing breathability to prevent sweaty clothes from sticking to your skin during intense poses.

Opt for boyshorts made of quality fabrics like cotton or sweat-wicking materials for a great fit and long-lasting wear. Seamless panties are an excellent option because they don’t have side seams which can cause pesky panty lines when wearing tight workout pants or leggings. For optimal hygiene, it’s best to select boyshorts made of machine-washable fabrics.

Another factor to consider when choosing boyshorts is personal preference; some prefer thicker material that offers more coverage, while others may opt for a lighter fabric with less coverage such as bikini-cut underwear or cheeky styles. Whatever style you choose, ensure it fits comfortably and allows freedom of movement during all poses to avoid yeast infections caused by excessive sweating in ill-fitting clothing items.

Boyshorts are an excellent option for yogis who want coverage and comfort during their practice. High-waisted undergarments are a favored pick for yogis, with the added advantage of encircling the waistline and not restricting movement.

Key Takeaway: Boyshorts are an ideal underwear choice for yogis, providing full coverage without bulkiness or discomfort. Look for seamless panties with quality fabrics like cotton and sweat-wicking materials that fit comfortably to avoid panty lines during poses and yeast infections from sweating in ill-fitting clothing items.

High-Waisted Underwear

what underwear to wear with leggings

High-waisted underwear is perfect for yogis who want extra coverage and support when wearing leggings. Whether you’re practicing inversions or arm balances, high-waisted undies are designed to keep everything in place and eliminate any pesky panty lines. They also provide a more comfortable fit than regular underwear or thongs, as they don’t dig into your skin like bikini-cut underwear. Moreover, with a vast selection of designs, you can find the perfect pair for your needs.

When it comes to materials, cotton is always a good option as it has breathable fabric and an elastic waistband for added comfort during sweaty workouts. Seamless panties are also great because there won’t be any side seams showing through yoga pants or leggings – no visible panty lines. Boyshorts may be the way to go if you prefer something with more coverage; they offer just enough coverage while still being super comfortable and machine washable.

For those looking for even better sweat-wicking capabilities during hot yoga sessions or intense cardio classes, try investing in workout underwear made from moisture-wicking materials like spandex or polyester blends, which help keep things dryer longer than traditional fabrics do. And if yeast infections are an issue, opt for seamless panties made with thicker material that will prevent chafing and irritation caused by friction between clothing layers.

No matter what you need, from everyday apparel to something special for yoga practice, there’s sure to be a perfect pair that will become your go-to. So take some time to explore all of the top picks available before making your final decision; after all this purchase could mean the difference between success and failure on that tricky arm balance pose.

High-waisted underwear can provide a secure fit and additional coverage for yogis who prefer leggings. Bikini briefs may be a perfect choice for those looking for more freedom of movement.

Key Takeaway: High-waisted underwear is the perfect choice for yogis looking to stay comfortable and supported during their practice. With various materials, styles, and moisture-wicking capabilities available – there’s sure to be something out there that will help you master even the toughest poses. Investing in the right pair can make all the difference between success or failure on those tricky arm balances.

Bikini Briefs

what underwear to wear with leggings

Bikini briefs are an excellent choice for those who like to keep things simple and want extra freedom of movement during yoga. With their low-rise waistline, bikini briefs provide more coverage than thongs or g-strings but still allow plenty of room to move without being restrictive. They also come in various colors, styles, and materials, making them great for those who want to show off their unique style.

Cotton is always the best choice when choosing materials, as it is breathable and won’t cause chafing or irritation during physical activity. Nylon blends with spandex are also a good option if you want something that provides extra stretch and flexibility. Moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or lycra can also come in handy if you sweat more than others during your practice; they help wick away moisture while still providing excellent coverage.

Finally, look for seamless panties that have no side seams showing through yoga pants or leggings – this way, there won’t be any visible panty lines getting in the way of your practice. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly and keeps you comfortable all yoga session long.

Bottom line: Bikini briefs are an excellent choice for yogis looking for extra freedom of movement during their practice and those who want to show off their unique style. Look for breathable material such as cotton or nylon blends with spandex and seamless panties with no side seams showing through yoga pants or leggings – this way, there won’t be any visible panty lines getting in the way of your poses!

How to Wash Your Leggings if You Do Go Commando

Check the Label for Washing Instructions:

Before you begin to wash any clothing item, it is essential to read all labels thoroughly so that you know exactly how to care for it properly and avoid any potential damage from incorrect cleaning methods; this applies especially when dealing with delicate materials such as those used in making activewear garments like leggings or tights that may be worn without underwear beneath them due to their snug fit against the body’s contours while engaging in physical activities such as yoga or Pilates classes where freedom of movement is vital.

Use a gentle cycle and a cold water temperature setting on the machine.

Ensure you check what temperatures and cycles are recommended by the manufacturer before beginning your laundry process – usually, handwashing will provide the best results, but if not possible, following these steps should help ensure your garment remains undamaged after every wash session.

Turn Your Leggings Inside Out Before Washing Them:

To protect both your legging’s outer layer from snagging on other pieces of clothing during a wash cycle (as well as protecting any printed logos) turn them inside out before placing them into a machine washer; doing so also helps keep colors looking vibrant longer since there won’t be direct contact between dyes from different fabrics which could potentially cause fading over time if left unchecked. This step should also be done even if handwashing instead – ensure they’re completely submerged in cold water with a mild detergent solution (no fabric softeners.) before agitating gently by hand for around 10 minutes on the size and thickness of garment washing.

Avoid fabric softeners

While many individuals habitually employ fabric softeners when laundering traditional clothing due to their efficacy in making stiffer fabrics more supple after numerous washes, unfortunately, these same products can detrimentally affect certain sportswear materials rather than aiding them in staying fresh-smelling for more extended periods. This includes items constructed from polyester blends often found within activewear garments such as compression shorts and capris (worn sans underwear) which necessitate specialized treatment to preserve their elevated levels of breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities required for optimal comfort while executing strenuous exercises indoors or outdoors.

Do You or Do You Not Wear Underwear With Yoga Pants?!

Do You Need to Wear Underwear?

The short answer is no. According to a doctor friend, your body is pretty good at regulating itself, and wearing underwear is unnecessary. So it’s totally up to you if you want to wear panties or go commando. However, there are some pros and cons that come with each choice.

Pros of Going Commando:

No panty lines – This one is obvious. No pesky lines mean more comfort and less distraction during your practice. Plus, let’s face it, who wants their undies showing through their leggings? Not me.

Less laundry – Who has time for extra loads of laundry? If you don’t wear underwear, all you have to do after a yoga class is take off your pants and throw them in the wash.

Cons of Going Commando:

Yeast infection risk – It may be unlikely but going without panties can increase the risk of yeast infections due to moisture buildup around the area from sweat. So if this concerns you, maybe opt for wearing underwear instead (more on that below).

Pros of Wearing Underwear:

Added protection – Panties provide an extra layer between yourself and any bacteria or dirt on the mat which can help keep things clean down there while practicing yoga poses like downward dog or bridge pose where skin-on-mat contact occurs.

Comfort and Security – Some people feel more secure when wearing panties under their leggings, which gives them peace of mind throughout their practice knowing everything will stay in place.

Cons of Wearing Underwear:

Panty Lines – Let’s face it, even seamless thongs show through tight-fitting leggings so this could be a deal breaker for those looking for a sleek silhouette during class. Increased Laundry Load – One downside with opting for underwear over going commando is having an additional load (or two) added onto your weekly washing routine, which not everyone has time for… especially if you’re hitting up multiple classes per week.

Bottom Line:

Whether you choose to go commando or rock panties underneath your yoga pants ultimately comes down to what makes YOU comfortable and happy; don’t worry about anyone else’s ideas about what should be worn down there because only YOU know what works best for YOUR body type & lifestyle.


Key Takeaway: Regarding yoga leggings, numerous bikini brief choices are available in style and fabric – so you can easily find the ideal fit for your practice. Ensure they fit well and won’t give you any panty line issues; otherwise, it could ruin your practice.


Sports Bras

Sports bras are necessary for any yogi, offering necessary backing and comfort while performing poses like jumping jacks or burpees. They provide essential support and comfort during your practice, especially during high-impact poses like jumping jacks or burpees. Look for styles with adjustable straps and breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort throughout your practice. Cotton underwear is great for everyday wear but not ideal when wearing leggings, as it can cause visible panty lines that distract from your yoga flow. Seamless panties are the perfect solution – they’re designed to be invisible under tight clothing while providing coverage in all the right places. For those who prefer a bit more coverage, boyshorts or thong underwear offer enough protection without sacrificing style or movement range. High-waisted undergarments can provide extra security for those who want a bit more coverage around the waistband of their pants. And don’t forget about bikini briefs – these low-rise cuts are perfect for showing off some skin without worrying about pesky panty lines.

When selecting a sports bra, one must consider personal preferences regarding fit and fabric type. If you’re looking for something lightweight yet supportive, opt for seamless styles made from sweat-wicking materials like polyester or spandex blend fabrics which will help keep you cool even during intense workouts. For heavier activities such as running or HIIT classes, look for thicker material with wide elastic bands at the back and sides that won’t dig into your skin while providing adequate support and bounce control. Be sure to check out our top picks – we’ve got everything from basic black options to bright colors so you can find the perfect pair of sports bras explicitly tailored to suit your needs.

Key Takeaway: Sports bras are essential for yoga, and it’s important to find styles with adjustable straps and breathable fabrics. Seamless panties provide coverage without visible panty lines, while boyshorts or thong underwear offer just enough protection. Everyone has their own preference for sports bra fit and fabric type; go for seamless sweat-wicking materials if you want lightweight yet supportive coverage.

Should You *Really* Worry About Visible Panty Lines?

The Debate Around VPLs:

The debate around visible panty lines (VPLs) is still intense, even in 2020. Some articles claim that fear of a VPL is declining, while others suggest that women are still trying to avoid them at all costs. Elizabeth Day claims it’s her ‘right to have a VPL’, and some women seem happy to rock one with confidence, but for many others, there’s still an urge to go seamless for a smooth silhouette. So where do you stand?

Comfort Is Key:

Regardless of your stance, comfort should always be a top priority when choosing underwear – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nobody wants those dreaded ‘wedgies’ or unflattering bulges caused by ill-fitting knickers, so make sure you find something that fits like a glove – this might mean investing in more expensive brands as they tend to offer better quality fabrics and construction which will last longer than cheaper alternatives. You can also opt for specialized yoga pants or leggings explicitly designed with no seams and extra stretch material so you won’t get any unsightly lumps or bumps under your clothes during practice.

Embrace Your Choice:

Ultimately, whether you choose seamless undies or not comes down entirely to personal preference – it doesn’t matter what other people think about your choice as long as YOU feel comfortable and confident wearing them. If you want to show off your curves, then go ahead – make sure whatever style of underwear you choose allows enough flexibility for movement during yoga poses without cutting into the skin too much. And if modesty is more important, invest in good quality fabric that offers plenty of coverage without being restrictive – after all, feeling good starts from within.

Avoid These Styles of Knickers to Prevent a VPL

Classic Cotton Briefs:

These are a classic go-to for many people, but when it comes to avoiding VPL, they’re not your best bet. The thicker material and elasticated edges can be bulky and quite visible even under looser pants or jeans – let alone leggings. If you’re looking for underwear that won’t show through your yoga pants, avoid the classic cotton briefs. Keywords: bulkier materials, elasticated edges.

Bikini Cut Underwear:

This is one of the most popular styles out there, but unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent VPL much. The seam cuts slightly across the bottom rather than sitting along the crease of your bottom, which makes it very visible beneath silky or tight-fitting materials like leggings and yoga pants. Keywords: bikini cut underwear, prominent seams.

Cheeky Underwear:

Cheeky underwear usually reveals more of your bum with an edge that cuts higher across the derriere – meaning you will likely see the seam beneath sheer or skin-tight clothing such as leggings or yoga pants. So if you want to avoid embarrassing moments in class, steer clear of this style. Keywords: cheeky underwear, high cut edge.

The Best Underwear to avoid a VPL Under Leggings

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is the best option to avoid visible panty lines (VPL) under leggings. Look for labels that explicitly say ‘seamless,’ ‘seam-free,’ or ‘no show panties’ when shopping for this type of underwear. Many styles are available in seamless varieties, including bikinis and lacy details. Try one or two pairs before overhauling your entire drawer to ensure they live up to their claims.


Thongs were traditionally worn if you wanted no VPL, but many people find them uncomfortable and like the feeling of wearing almost nothing underneath their clothes. If you opt for thongs, choose ones with wider sides, as they will provide more coverage than narrow thong styles while avoiding any panty lines under leggings.


Boyshorts are an excellent alternative for complete coverage without worrying about visible panty lines. They offer plenty of coverage around the bum area so there’s no need to worry about a VPL ruining your outfit. Choose boyshorts made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton or microfiber which won’t add bulk beneath tight clothing items like leggings and skinny jeans.



What underwear are you supposed to wear with leggings?

When wearing leggings, selecting the correct undergarment is necessary for optimal comfort. Generally, seamless and moisture-wicking underwear is best for maximum comfort. Seamless options help prevent chafing or irritation when seams rub against your skin while you move through yoga poses. Moisture-wicking fabrics draw sweat away from your body to keep you cool and dry during a workout. Cotton briefs should be avoided as they tend to retain moisture, leading to uncomfortable rubbing or bunching up in certain areas.

Do you usually wear underwear with leggings?

It is not recommended to wear underwear with leggings as a yogi. Wearing underwear underneath leggings can cause uncomfortable chafing due to the thin and tight-fitting fabric, so it’s generally best practice to go without. Additionally, wearing no undergarments allows for greater breathability and movement while practicing yoga poses. Ultimately, the choice is yours; however, it’s typically recommended to go commando for optimum comfort during yoga poses.

What underwear does not show under leggings?

Underwear that does not show under leggings should be lightweight and seamless. The best options are thongs, briefs with no visible lines, boy shorts without seams, or a bandeau top. For maximum comfort and breathability, choose cotton blends or moisture-wicking materials like nylon spandex. Avoid bulky underwear that may bunch up underneath the fabric of your leggings, which can create uncomfortable bulges or an unflattering silhouette. Selecting the right underwear for your leggings will ensure you look and feel great.

What underwear to wear under lululemon leggings?

For the best comfort when wearing lululemon leggings, choose underwear made of breathable cotton or bamboo with minimal seams and no tags. Comfort is key; opt for breathable materials like cotton or bamboo that won’t irritate your skin while you practice yoga. Additionally, look for styles with minimal seams and no tags so they don’t create uncomfortable bunching or rubbing against your skin. Lastly, select a style that provides adequate coverage without being too bulky; thongs and boyshorts offer full coverage without sacrificing comfort.


In conclusion, various underwear styles can complement leggings, including cotton and seamless panties, thongs, boyshorts, high-waisted briefs or bikini bottoms, and sports bras. From cotton and seamless panties to thongs and boyshorts, you can find something that fits your style preferences and provides comfort throughout your yoga practice. High-waisted briefs or bikini bottoms may be preferred for certain poses, while sports bras offer extra support during more vigorous activities. Ultimately the choice is yours, so take time to select the correct type of underwear for maximum satisfaction.

Discover the perfect underwear to wear with your leggings and maximize comfort while practicing yoga. Uncover a range of options that will provide superior support and breathability during your next session.

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