Four Hidden Benefits of Cancer Patients Practicing Yoga

A cancer diagnosis can negatively affect an individual’s mental state if not handled accordingly. For this reason, it is recommended for one to implement routines that create time for relaxation and self-care activities, such as yoga.

Cancer patients can benefit from yoga, alongside the necessary treatment procedure, as it creates an essential connection between the body and mind through meditation, movement, and breathwork.

The Importance of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Recently, it has been identified that the quality of life for cancer patients that practice yoga is better than that of patients who do not partake in the activity. This is because their physical and emotional states are in balance, allowing them to manage the symptoms and side effects of treatment in a better manner.

1. Strengthening Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing

Upon cancer diagnosis, most patients experience a heightened degree of depression and anxiety. Some of the symptoms of these conditions are insomnia, increased negative thoughts, inability to concentrate on a task and fatigue.

It is normal to worry about the future, incredibly when sick with cancer. However, proper treatment is available today, raising the chances of recovery and resuming an everyday and healthy life. This is where yoga comes in handy, as it involves practicing deep breathing techniques and meditation, which aid in clearing the mind to focus on the present moment. In addition, yoga creates a sense of inner peace and the ability to handle stress, causing immense improvements in patients’ lives.

Additionally, practicing yoga in a studio or group setting is recommended as it fosters a sense of community. It is also beneficial to keep at it even after the completion of treatment due to its numerous benefits, as well as facilitating better composure and less anxiety during follow-up appointments.

2. Better Management of Side Effects from Treatment

Side effects from different cancer treatment procedures such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can be adverse to patients. Patients can incorporate numerous yoga movements into their routine to minimize pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

For instance, one can manage the loss of appetite and feelings of vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy by practicing movements focusing on the abdomen. Managing these symptoms can reduce their occurrence, allowing the patient to lead a better quality of life.

3. Get Better Sleep

Insomnia can be caused by mental and physical distress, which is not ideal for cancer patients as they require sufficient rest to heal. Practicing yoga can help patients get better rest, improve their sleep quality, and lengthen their sleep periods.

4. Enhances Fitness

Yoga facilitates the loss of body fat which makes the body healthier. Attaining a healthy body reduces the risk of recurrence of the disease. Therefore, continuous yoga exercises during and after recovery are advised to remain healthy.

The results of yoga on cancer patients portray the practice’s efficiency, making it more popular among patients in different parts of the world.

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