7 Best Yoga Brands for Budget-Conscious Yoga Practitioners

Yoga practitioners all agree that since they permanently live in their yoga clothes between classes and other chores, they want them to have the perfect fit and good quality. But, most importantly, for most of them, as they find their connection between their mind and body, fabrics, shapes, and styles matter as much as comfort.

Sometimes you may feel like splurging out a bit, but if you need to keep within a budget, then these are the seven best brands for you:

1.      Lululemon

Founded in 1998, this Canadian firm is known for its elegant, luxurious, and quality yoga clothes. Also affectionately called “Lulu” by its cult following, the company aims to deliver yoga apparel that meets the flexibility, breathability, and comfort required by yoga practitioners worldwide.

One of the company’s best-known yoga clothing items is its Align leggings that have the perfect stretch, but Lulu also has beautiful matching sports bras to make up a combo.

 Lulu’s quality ensures that its perfectly fitting leggings last forever, and all sports bras indicate the level of support you can expect.

2.      Beyond Yoga

If you want a female-led brand with ethically produced yoga clothing, then Beyond Yoga is the  Los Angeles brand that provides beautiful clothes for your workout. In addition, Beyond Yoga’s policy of inclusivity ensures realistic sizing options for all shapes and sizes. Finally, sustainability is vital for this LA-based brand, so the production of their clothing ranges uses waterless dyes and eco-friendly fabrics.

Their comfortable leggings with the 4-way stretch fabric stop just above the ankle and have become their bestseller. Moreover, their tanktops with built-in shelf bra and racerback shapes are known for their comfortable fit during stretches.

3.      Athleta

Gap’s sportswear division, Athleta, includes a popular yoga line in many colors and designs. One favorite is the Warrior Longline Twist Bra; it has a comfortable fit and gorgeous back detail.

Athleta embraces feminism, sustainability, and inclusivity with a wide range of sizes. The company uses recycled and organic fabrics and pioneered the DryDye technology, saving about 4.5 gallons of water for every garment.

Furthermore, Athleta includes a girls’ range of sports clothing. Its vast range of colors, fabrics and fit options are sweat-wicking and quick drying, thanks to its recycled Featherweight Stretch Fabrics,  ensuring your comfort even through the most strenuous exercise sessions.

Their tank tops have a bonded chest band, and their leggings fit perfectly, making them ideal for yoga.

4.      Gymshark

Gymshark is not an explicit yoga brand, but their activewear has an impressive quality and style at reasonably affordable prices. Yoga requires a lot of squatting and stretching, and these Gymshark comfortable leggings and supportive crop tops with perfect coverage stay put throughout every session. Most importantly, their leggings won’t give you an unflattering camel toe! So look out for Gymshark’s super-flattering range and enjoy your yoga sessions in comfort and style.

5.      PrAna

If you want to wear the most ethical and sustainable yoga clothes on the market, then PrAna is just right for you. Not only are all their clothes made from a range of recyclable materials like polyester and wool and natural fibers like organic cotton, but the company also promotes fair labor practices. Furthermore, in keeping with their environmental policy, all other paper and packaging materials used by the company are dedicated to these principles.

One of PrAna’s most popular items is its cardigan – perfect for wearing over a sports bra or evening outing.

6.      Namastetics

Another Canadian company with some lovely yoga clothing is Namastetics. Everything is ethically and sustainably made, including yoga loungewear made from organic cotton. Namastetics specializes in minimalist looks, so expect plenty of solids to create your unique silhouettes.

7.      Alo Yoga

Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, Alo Yoga’s clothing range embodies the transforming power of yoga and an active lifestyle. Their contemporary and elegant yoga wear designs are incredibly functional, thanks to their colors, patterns, and textiles.

Beautiful color palettes make their range of leggings, and sports bras are the ideal outfits for yoga sessions and for going about your daily rounds. The Alo sports bra will even take you from the studio to a night out on the town; no wonder it’s known as the “studio-to-street superstar.”

Alo Yoga’s popularity continues to grow, even among celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

Final Take

With so many gorgeous looks and affordable brands of yoga wear, it is perfectly understandable that you may have difficulty deciding on the best for you. Remember, no matter what, when you are busy practicing yoga, comfort is of utmost importance, so look for yoga wear that is breathable, flexible, and offers the proper support. Furthermore, you always want to feel and look amazing, and these seven yoga brands will ensure that!

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