5 Things to Do Before Starting a Workout Program

New Year’s Day always seems to arrive too quickly. With it, one year comes to a close, and another begins. It allows you to reflect on the fond memories you want to relive and the things you want to forget. It inspires millions to set goals for the upcoming year, many of which fail very quickly.

Perhaps you are trying to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution and have a better chance to succeed by beginning early. If one of your goals is to start a new workout program, you will have a much more difficult time unless you come up with a game plan beforehand. Here are five things to do before starting a workout program.

1. Assess Your Current Health

Before starting any workout program, you need to be realistic about your current health. If you are unaware of any underlying conditions or your body’s limitations, you can risk serious consequences that will do far more harm than good by starting a workout program. You may need to schedule your annual health exam or consult a physician. If you discover you need supplements that can support your heart health or energy levels, you might want to research Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) benefits.

2. Develop a Plan That Includes Measurable Steps

So many New Year’s Resolutions or workout programs fail because people set lofty goals and think they will achieve them in a week. Workout programs and health changes take time to see results. If you want to lose 25 pounds, that is a great goal. Depending on your current weight, dietary habits, and other factors, losing 25 pounds is achievable. You are not going to lose 25 pounds in two weeks, though.

To lose 25 pounds, set a realistic timeline for the overall goal. Maybe you decide you can lose those 25 pounds in six months. After that, you can develop a plan that includes measurable steps. You can set a smaller goal to lose four pounds in the first month, giving you a quantifiable measure to see if you are on track for your more significant purpose.

Not every goal has to have a number attached to it. A measurable step can be taking your supplements each day to enjoy the CoQ10 benefit of energy. Keep in mind that your progress will not be a straight line. You will have fluctuations along the way, but don’t let those discourage you as long as you stay close to your measurable steps.

3. Have Realistic Expectations

As we mentioned in the last section, you must consider various factors for your workout program, including your current weight and daily obligations. If you already weigh 140 pounds, losing 25 pounds might not be a realistic expectation. It might also be unrealistic to set a goal of 12% body fat and have shredded abs like the people on TV if your current body fat percentage is above 30%. Start with an honest assessment of what is achievable but will still challenge you.

4. Establish a Consistent Time

One of the biggest things that derails workout programs is inconsistency. You will have a greater chance of success if you establish a specific time each day when you will work out. You need to value this block of time and not allow anything to replace it. Even just one day of allowing a meeting or other errand to pre-empt your gym time opens the door for you to allow it to happen again.

Develop a consistent routine outside of the gym, too. Eating healthy meals and taking your supplements simultaneously can give them the maximum effect. CoQ10 benefits and the advantages of healthy eating are hampered when you are inconsistent.

5. Build Rest Days Into Your Schedule

Your body needs time to rest and recover. Your workout program should include pre-scheduled rest days. If you do not allow your body to recover properly, you increase your chance of injury or other damage. Continue to fuel your body on these days properly. You can still reap the CoQ10 benefits of supporting your energy levels and a healthy heart on days off. Eating healthy should remain a top focus on days you don’t work out as well.


Starting a workout program is a great goal, but there are some steps you must take before that if you want to maximize your chance at success. Assess your current health, research CoQ10 benefits, and develop smart ways to measure your progress. After that, establish a consistent schedule for when you will work out and when you will intentionally rest to let your body recharge.

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