‘Is Yoga costly?’ This question came up, and the very first thing that popped into my head was ‘naturally it’s pricey, it’s Yoga and it’s, the most pricey city in Canada,’ assumption made without doing any research. But it got me wondering – if yoga is such a luxury and so a lot more costly than a health club subscription why are a lot of individuals going with yoga studios over the fitness center, particularly during an economic crisis? This puzzled me a bit, particularly since I was among those individuals. So I decided to dig a little bit deeper.


There are widely diverse claims regarding what exercise burns the most calories, and what’s the best way to reduce weight. There are some that swear that yoga has actually altered their bodies, and there are others who’re convinced it isn’t as good as it seems. Furthermore, yoga can match any gym-based workout, so the concern isn’t a lot exactly what we choose in between yoga and the alternative kinds of workout, it’s whether we practice yoga in a studio or a health club.

When I first relocated to Toronto about 2 years ago, I joined the YMCA. Since the variety of individuals I understood could be counted on the fingers of one hand, I figured I ‘d keep hectic by staying in shape. I did take a look at yoga studios then too, however I did not actually know what I was trying to find and everything was out of my (unemployed) rate variety. I went to a few yoga courses at the Y very regularly. There was one in specific, taught by a lady with flabby arms that used to get annoyed with students that did not comprehend her directions. She’d adjust us, however it was more like a neurotic housewife taking care of a painting that was hanging uneven, than the softer support I’d discover to value later on. I also grew bored fairly quickly of her routines, and most of the routines that I’d wind up doing in other courses too. Did I see outcomes? Yes absolutely, particularly after coupling it from running around their indoor track a couple of times a week but nothing about the entire affair overwhelmed me, and I ended up stopping my classes, and eventually ending my membership altogether.

So is it actually that much better at a studio? First, as anybody will certainly inform you it really depends on what you desire from yoga. There are many different types of classes and if you simply want to stretch a little and get some flexibility after sprinting on a treadmill for a little while, then the fitness center needs to be great. If you’re looking for affordable physical fitness with a variety of amenities (including swimming pool, fitness center equipment, weights, and other courses such as dancing, Pilates etc) the health club is definitely a better option. Yoga is not for everyone, and many significantly it takes a while to determine which yoga is ideal for you. Some individuals feel upset just at the mention of spending 60 or 90 minutes in a sauna-like environment with sweaty stinky individuals, for others it’s practically cathartic.

There are some that go for Kundalini, an extremely intense form of yoga, which with correct guidance is said to cause a spiritual awakening and inner knowledge, while others like to perspire void of any mental stress. Anybody seeking to make a healthy change in their life, be it mental or physical doesn’t have time to attempt fifteen various kinds of yoga prior to picking one. People are frequently in a rush to reach their goals, and especially as we approach that post-gluttonous boxing day/new years period, individuals will certainly be more distressed than ever to kick-start their fitness regimens.

But the one thing that seems to set studios apart from the health club is the quality of the experience. Laura Cullen, a young professional says, ‘I feel the teachers are much better qualified and have been exercising longer. I’ve actually attempted at a health club too and was not extremely amazed with either the educator or the real yoga space (the vibe hadn’t been fantastic at the fitness center).’

Christine Seangio, another Torontonian, says, ‘I also like the environment of the yoga studio, it offers me a sense of belonging to a community. You get more guidance in your training … I also think that routine fitness centers aren’t appropriately equipped, particularly for hot yoga courses.’ The rooms in the studios are generally mirrored on many sides, not a lot so you can see how charming you look, but more so that you can monitor your practice and it assists you fix your own postures.

I personally choose yoga in a studio, due to the fact that it recovered both my body and my mind in a warm (actually steaming) encouraging environment and like Christine, made me feel as though I belonged to a community. I feel no envy that the person beside me can see the top of their toes directly over their face in floor bow (Dhanurasana) or that the person behind me is doing the standing splits throughout standing bow drawing present (Dandayamana-Dhanurasana).

It’s inspiring for me, but I’m more concentrated on my own practice and objectives. This is exactly what yoga’s about, it’s not a competitors, its not about who can do the most, it’s to do with individual development and truth. It’s specific goals with cumulative support. That, you’ll rarely discover in a health club. Even if the distinction is in understanding or purely mental, Yoga is as much a mental and spiritual journey as a physical one that might be worth the cost in the long run.