Anya awakens and throws the covers back and rises. The alarm system goes off, Anya counts on shut it off and she sees the sheets. Carbon-like burn marks of her spinal column and root chakra. She wants to the pillow case and sees carbon-like burn marks of the brow and throat chakra. She tosses the pillow aside and we see a burn mark of her arm and hand under her pillow. The hand has a white heart shape image where her ring shielded the energy. At the top of the sheet, spreading out across the entire top of the sheet, dark energy burn marks of a fully sparked crown chakra.


She sits and lays her hand in the hand burn mark, the ring lines up however she notifications the hand isn’t unwinded, however in a tough pressing movement. She ends up being frightened. She gets up now and proceeds to lay in the burn mark, lining up her knee in the burn mark, her root chakra, her spinal column, the arm and hand.

ANYA Carbon … one of the four universal aspects.

Sounds just like a scene from a movie, however on May 12, 2007, this was my truth. So you see, some will elaborately inform you how they’ve actually opened up their crown chakra and are enlightened, but I can reveal you. The professionals will tell you I’ve actually experienced an uncommon unusual case of Hinduism’s Kundalini Awakening, Catholicism’s Christ-Fire, the Western Alchemists Hierogamos, the Tibetan Buddhist Second Spiritual Adolescence, the Biblical Born Again Virgin and so on. Each religion asserts to be the path to this unique experience, nevertheless, the biological truth is the very same, ‘evolution’.

Chapter 1 The Caduceus

This is the imprint from the brow chakra burnt onto my pillowcase. One can easily see the resemblance to the caduceus. The typical picture of the caduceus is a winged world mounted on a rod entwined by 2 serpents coiled 3 and a half times in a double helix with horns atop. Around 4000 B.C., the caduceus was used by the god Ningishzida, Hermes was associated with the caduceus, along with Mercury, Alchemists consider it the union of the sun and moon, in 1902 the U. S. Army Medical Corps embraced the caduceus, Roman legions used it for fight and it’s thought about the 33rd and highest degree of Masonry and today it’s seen on medical supplies and ambulances, in different types.

Obviously, the snakes aren’t wound on this image. However, turn the image on it’s side as it was burnt from my eyebrow and one can see that the energy turns up one snake image from the throat chakra, gets in the eyebrow chakra, and exits through the second snake ahead launching the energy into the crown chakra. Now one can understand the age-old saying, ‘release the serpent within’. When one’s energy goes through the brow chakra the image of the snakes are launched and the crown chakra becomes totally ignited.

The meanings included here many. Does it stand for the balancing of polarity, recovery, secret mysteries, a divine being, cunning, fertility, riches and wealth, a reptilian mind, a higher function, a mediator, peace, divinity, DNA, libido, life and fatality and renewal, bread and water of life, immortality and the refined soul. Yes, it does represent all of these and more, however when we get into the biological procedures we understand the reality of the ascension procedure is simply an over excitement of the nerves. In fact, fact doesn’t come into this world naked, but rather it’s available in kinds and images. The world won’t see reality in any other means. Discernment.


I assure you I’m not as you believe I need to be. All won’t like exactly what I state. As I reach the heights of heaven, there’s bliss. There’s likewise disdain. That’s the duality. I’m Christ. I’m the ‘whore of Babylon’. Once again, as far as the pendulum swings one way, so it swings the other. Those who seek need to not stop seeking up until they discover. When they find as I have, they’ll certainly be disrupted. When they’re disrupted they’ll certainly marvel. They’ll understand that this world isn’t deserving of them and they’ll certainly take it by storm. When they’ve recorded everything of the world they’ll discard everything.

Chapter 2 Biological Reality

‘Some day, man will utilize sexual energy and use that energy to develop. Then, for the second time in history, man will have uncovered fire.’

The olden controversy over the Shroud of Turin can be laid to rest in part. Whether the cloth that was examined was in reality laid on the crucified Jesus Christ or whether Jesus Christ in truth existed can not be identified by the images on my sheets, however, without a doubt, a body can burn images on cloth. This resurrection has to be done ‘before’ we pass away. From an evolutionary viewpoint, those who’ll survive and continue … … … … … …