Now, we take pride for being overall yogadorks right here, and often we even discover ourselves sitting in a proper geek meditation to clear the cache. However, while numerous people recognize with the impact meditation carries our mood, temper and attitude from our own experience with the practice, do you know exactly what actually takes place in the waves of your noggin?

Thanks to the creatively geeky minds at MAKE this infographic offers an appearance inside the undulations of brain waves as we meditate. May the theta and delta forces be with you!

Illustration by Timmy Kucynda.

Want extra credit? Head over to MAKE to produce your very own Brain Device! The device will perform what Noise and Light Devices do using varying levels of light and binaural beats. It works like this:

The brain produces differing proportions of brain wave kinds, relying on its present levels of relaxation, focus, and other frame of minds. Each kind of wave has its own particular frequency range, which can be checked out by electroencephalography. Many individuals’s brain waves will synchronize to lights and sounds pulsing at brain wave frequencies, and this makes the brain change its state– a process called “entrainment.” By playing series of pulses into your eyes and ears, you can set your brain to follow any brain wave experience you such as.

Let’s understand if you are crafty enough to try it! Or, you understand, just do it the old made method and SIT. No devices needed.