You Are What You YOGA for Daily Cup of Yoga, dvd yoga

I viewed a picture lately of a big bowl of fresh fruits and also veggies, which had the complying with subtitle:

You Are What You Eat

So Do not Be Rapid, Affordable, Easy, or Fake

Pretty smart advice that solves to the factor in a smart way, and also it obtained me reasoning: The exact same thing uses when we pointer onto our yoga exercise mats!

You Are What You Yoga

So decrease, don’t cheat yourself, take it simple, and also stand in your truth.

Don’t be fast. You have the remainder of your day to ride in the prompt lane. Why not permit the moment you invest exercising yoga be everything about slowing down? Decelerate, take your time on your mat. The slower your breath, the deeper your method. Do not be in a rush to obtain right into the presents. Rather, take the time to set up correct positioning. Attempt stopping after each sun salutation to take a couple of breaths as well as relish it instead of hurrying off to the following one.

Don’t be cheap. Be generous. Be charitable with your breath and your power, sharing it with the other folks you practice with if you visit a yoga exercise course. If you are practicing at residence, don’t miss the moment for savasana. Don’t cheat yourself out of a min on your yoga floor covering by allowing your thoughts wander to your to-do listing. Stay present and based. Do not be economical in fulfilling on your own, give yourself the present of the moment to reconnect with your spirit, totally present.

Don’t be easy. B.K.S. Iyengar would say that as soon as you believe you understand everything there is to understand about a yoga present, that is when you quit engaging in yoga exercise. I think just what he was attempting to instruct is do not take the very easy road. Consistently discover new methods to challenge yourself on the yoga exercise floor covering, new means to explore the pose, to observe your physical body and also your breath, to silent your mind. I have actually done countless downward pets, to the factor where this present must be simple, and even boring, yet I’ll never get tired of the thrill of getting my heels a little closer to the flooring, admiring just how far I have actually started my yoga journey.

Do not aim low, you will fizzle. Aim high, as well as you will be on a threshold of bliss.”
―B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

Don’t be fake. Your yoga exercise practice ought to come from you, not the individual following to you. Quit attempting to pile up to some image you have in your mind of just what a versatile yogi ought to appear like. Do not fret if you can’t touch your toes, and also kindly do not attempt to force on your own into doing so! Honor yourself. Stand tall in your fact. And also be ok with tweaking a posture to match your physical body, or taking a relaxing posture when you have to take a break.

You are exactly what you yoga, so reduce, be generous, keep increasing on your quest, as well as cling yourself.