Yoga exercises, or poses, aren't necessarily a part of yogametrics.

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Yogametrics is mostly associated with three health and fitness figures. Frank Rudolph Youthful in the 1960s utilized the term yogametrics for his fitness and wellness tips, which included some standard exercises dressed up with lots of magical jargon. David Hegarty, an Irishman who produces health programs that include a combination of physical and mental exercises, embraced the yogametrics label in the early 1970s for his work. Jamie Alexandra Murphy teaches a mix of yoga and dance under the heading of yogametrics.


The word yogametrics has been utilized in various methods by its specialists. Therefore, there’s no acknowledged standard for yogametrics exercises. Youthful, the originator of the term, apparently made use of no yoga exercises or presents in his teachings, although he asserted his terrific uncle was a yogi. The most recent practitioner to use the term, Murphy, has a traditional yoga background and is including popular yoga presents into her hybrid physical fitness practice.

Frank Rudolph Young

The form of yogametrics exercised by Young consisted of a number of standard workouts, including isometrics, covered in the riddles of Youthful’s works. For example, he recommended an exercise that works the pectoral muscles and is used as of 2011 by bodybuilder John Peterson, author of the World of Physical Culture internet site. Youthful also touted the V-Up, a classic ab stretch that continues to be popular in the 21st century. Yet Young’s useful workouts are overshadowed by his unconventional writings. In 1966, Young composed ‘Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control,’ in which he claimed he could train himself and others to move things without touching them, acquire and utilize X-ray vision and instruct readers to ‘excite intense desire in the opposite sex by your mere presence.’

Jamie Alexandra Murphy

Fitness teacher Jamie Alexandra Murphy, based in L.a, explains her mix of dance and yoga poses as yogametrics. ‘Yogametrics is an extremely dynamic form of yoga with a sequence of postures in movement, such as Dancing Warrior and Clockwork, created to take full advantage of the variety of calories burned and equally work muscles so that they appear longer,’ Murphy told the ‘Hollywood Today’ website. Murphy, previously a competitive gymnast, was presented to yoga at age 16 at a health club in Ohio handled by her mother. Murphy labels her fitness practice Body by JAM Yogametrics.

David Hegarty

Hegarty owns the domain name He explains himself as a sports psychologist, yoga therapist, leisure therapist, workout teacher and dietitian. On his internet site, Hegarty says he’s actually developed a ‘useful mind-body program that’s acclaimed by both customers and fellow therapists.’ While the idea of a ‘yoga therapist’ is story, Hegarty’s internet site doesn’t point out whether he makes use of traditional yoga exercises. In 1999, Hegarty told ‘The Mirror’ paper in London that yogametrics can help everybody reach his real potential with a mix of physical and psychological workouts. ‘A lot of people go to health clubs when exactly what they actually require is a whole new technique to their lives,’ he stated. Hegarty’s program is offered through his website, as well as numerous items consisting of videos and workout units.