Yoga Teacher Training Courses in South Africa

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You can take your yoga instructor training course in South Africa. Courses are offered in several yoga styles, liking Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, and are instructed in English. Pick from a one-month intensive course, or spread out the coursework over several months. A YTT course in South Africa signed up with the Yoga Partnership will instantly qualify you to become country wide certified in the United States.

Yoga Warrior

Yoga Warrior provides a 200-hour yoga exercise teacher training program in the Vinyasa Flow design in Johannesburg, South Africa. Complete the course over eight necessary weekends. Go to class for 2.5 hours on Friday night and 7.5 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. Course subjects like viewpoint of yoga exercise, anatomy, intro to mind-calming exercise and the best ways to choreograph a course. The Yoga Warrior teachers training courses is advised for those with a routine sophisticated practice who already possess understanding of yoga pose.

Ananda Sanga Educational Institute

Take the 200 or 300 extra hours required for an innovative yoga teacher training certificate as an intensive Hatha yoga exercise course for a month in Western Cape, South Africa. Live at the center and go to courses from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 6 days a week. This course is suggested for those with a little or a bunch of experience who want a yoga exercise profession or just want to grow their practice. Topics covered include Karma yoga exercise and fundamental Hatha yoga exercise positions, in addition to Raja yoga and the yoga exercise sutras of Patanjali.

Africa Yoga

Take a four-week extensive Ashtanga yoga exercise instructors training course in St. Francis Bay, South Africa, while you live at the Africa Yoga exercise center. This course focuses on teaching you the poses of the Ashtanga Primary Collection. To be accepted into this program, you should’ve a composed reference from an instructor with whom you’ve been taking classes for two years, the capability to intuitively flow from one position to the next in the Primary Collection is a significant advantage. Classes run 6 full days a week, and course subjects like marketing, choreographing the class to songs and using props.

Shades of Yoga

Shades of Yoga exercise provides Vinyasa Flow yoga exercise teacher training refuges in South Africa and nations around the globe. This four-week extensive course isn’t at a yoga center, however at different resorts around South Africa, liking the Crawfords Beach Lodge in Eastern Cape, the Drakensberg Retreat Centre in Northern Drakensberg and the Engeleni Lodge in KwaZulu-Natal. Train 6 days a week from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., including two hours of meditation and 3 hours of Vinyasa Flow yoga exercise. Subjects covered like yoga exercise philosophy, adjustments and training strategies.