Yoga Teacher Training at the Himalayan Institute

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The Himalayan Institute traces its family tree back to sages house in the Himalayas. At its headquarters in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, candidates come to exercise yoga, meditate, learn about Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition, and lower their anxiety. The institute likewise offers a teacher training program steeped in Indian tradition.

Himalayan Institute

Swami Rama left India and involved the United States in 1969. He founded the Himalayan Institute on 400 acres of rolling hillsides. In addition to direction, the institute has an energetic publishing arm, and is responsible for the circulation of spiritual books and the preferred Yoga International magazine. Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, long-lasting yogi and owner of 2 doctorates, was successful the late Swami Rama as the institute’s spiritual head. The institute leads humanitarian programs in Cameroon, India, Mexico and Tibetan negotiations.

Swami Rama

Swami Rama was born in North India and raised by Bengali Baba, a Himalayan sage. He traveled between abbeys, studying with various sages and saints, at some point pursuing formal education in Europe and India. Swami Rama participated in the Menninger Foundation experiments where he demonstrated control of free features such as body temperature level and breathing. He composed even more than 25 books and established several centers all over the world. At one point he faced debate over sexual practices with his students, however the institute weathered the accusations and continued to expand.

200-Hour Teacher Training

The Himalayan Institute provides both a 200 and 500-hour yoga instructor training. The 200-hour training is instructed in a three-week extensive at the Honesdale, Pennsylvania university. Topics covered include exercising and instructing postures, yoga philosophy and psychology, sacred texts, breathing and relaxation methods, practice teaching, sequencing courses, reflection, anatomy and an introduction to Sanskrit. A typical day starts with yoga course at 6:30 AM and ends when the night lecture finishes around 9 PM. You’ve to have exercised yoga gradually for 2 years to put on the program. Upon completion, pupils get accreditation from the Himalayan Institute Teachers Association, and are eligible for Yoga Alliance certification. The cost for tuition, lodgings, books and application charge was $3,880 as of early 2011.

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 500-hour program is instructed over 3 ten-day sections, one each in spring, summer and fall. Teachers from a range of yoga customs are encouraged to use. Many of the topics covered coincide as in the 200-hour training, however more in depth. A component on yoga’s healing and healing applications is also consisted of. Additional requirements between segments consist of logging training hours, necessary reading, and conclusion of a 30-hour study or volunteer job. The overall cost for the 500-hour training, consisting of accommodations, was $5,750 as of early 2011.