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Seniors can benefit a great deal from taking part in yoga stretching activities. Yoga stretch workouts are a beneficial alternative to vigorous fitness routines and are a safe and reliable means of keeping toned and strong while preserving a healthy weight. Yoga is a body-honoring and self-pacing practice that’s a gentler method of including workout into a senior’s regular or everyday routine.

Warm Up

The heat up must be the lengthiest part of the exercise and last about 15 to 20 minutes. You can do the whole practice in a chair and begin the heat up by sitting conveniently and breathing deeply.

Deep breathing helps deliver a fantastic supply of oxygen to the body and enhances circulation and sensations of leisure and calmness.

You ought to preserve a tall, upright seated posture, called Mountain position, to assist you breathe much deeper and keep your spinal column and organs in appropriate positioning.

Soothing, quiet music could be utilized.


The workout is the next stage of the yoga practice. It stresses activity while maintaining deep breathing.

You can start by inhaling and gradually raising arms up in the air and slowly lower them as you breathe out. This is a comfy means of expanding the breath, improving variety of movement, and aiding in posture alignment.

On your next breath, inhale as the ideal arm goes up and lean over to the left side on the exhale. Take a minute to breath into your ideal side prior to you bring your ideal arm down. Now change sides.

Come into a gentle chest growth by keeping a strap or chair behind you. Take a moment to breath deeply and overemphasize your breathe while your heart extends forward.

From Mountain, take a broad lunge, bring your best foot forward and your back foot planted at an angle. Your front leg should be bent somewhat and you can raise your hands in the sky or keep them at your heart’s center, coming into Warrior I position.

Warrior II is set up the exact same means, however the arms are floated out to the sides. Make sure to switch sides.

If you feel comfortable standing, entered Down Pet dog by standing in front or behind a chair and leaning onto the seat or back of the chair with your hands, letting your heels sink to the floor and your tailbone slanted upward.

Final Relaxation

Shivasana or Final Leisure is the last portion of the practice, where calm, deep extending and breathing is highlighted. From Mountain, you can practice Pigeon present by crossing one leg over the opposite knee, using a strap or your hands to cradle the bent leg.

Feel complimentary to utilize the strap or hands to flex your leg back, bringing your ankles toward your buttocks to stretch and relieve stiffness.

You can practice neck stretches by sitting upright and carefully turning your visit either side and dropping your shoulders down for numerous deep breaths to alleviate anxiety in your shoulders, back and neck.

You can also place your right-hand man on your left knee and look over your left shoulder to attain a gentle back twist. For a much deeper stretch, you can bring your left arm to the back of the chair.

Lastly, close your eyes and drop your arms and shoulders to your sides for numerous minutes to come into the last leisure that works to rest, rejuvenate, recover and unwind the body.