Yoga Sequence for Addiction Recovery

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When you’ve a dependency to something, you’ve a tough time managing the regularity or quantity of consumption. Yoga, an ancient system of holistic wellness, may help in the procedure of addiction recovery. Consult your doctor before beginning a yoga practice to treat your obsession.


One facet of yoga exercise, pranayama, is the practice of breathing exercises. Knowing your breathing prior to, throughout and after your yoga exercise practice will assist you remain present and linked to yourself, which can be handy in addiction recovery. As you start your yoga exercise practice, attempt a breathing exercise called focusing breath, recommended by physiotherapist and author Judith Lasater. Take one long breathing followed by one long exhalation. Take a couple of regular breaths and repeat the long inhale and exhale. Continue with this breathing pattern for up to five minutes.


Practicing a brief day-to-day yoga routine, such as a salutation, can help bring balance to your life while you are in recuperation. Try moon salutation to relax sensations or irritability. Start in a standing position with your palms together at your chest. Raise your hands and arms overhead and stretch from side to side. Stop in the center and pertain to a standing squat. Straighten your legs and bring your arms out to the side. Perform triangle position on each side and then do a forward being stretch. Do a runner’s lunge on one side and turn your upper body to the center. Repeat on the other side. End in a yoga exercise squat.


In corrective yoga exercise, positions are held for longer durations and are done with the support of yoga exercise props. These postures can be valuable in alleviating stress connected with addiction recuperation. Try lying with your legs up a wall and your back on the floor. Stay in this position for up until 15 minutes.


Meditation is an important part of a yoga exercise practice and can be valuable in dependence recuperation. At the end of your yoga practice, integrate at least five mins of mind-calming exercise. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and simply enjoy your ideas like clouds moving by in the sky. Don’t attach to them and their stories, just watch.