Yoga Positions to Avoid While Pregnant

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Regular prenatal yoga perks the mom-to-be physically and emotionally. Yoga reinforces the body to get ready for childbearing while providing relaxing qualities to soothe stress and worries. Nonetheless, a yoga course designed particularly for pregnant females need to prevent unsafe poses. If you take a routine yoga course, knowing which postures to avoid can avoid injury. As a basic rule, avoid hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga.

Lying Positions

Avoid any form of workout that needs lying flat on your back. in pregnancy, specifically as soon as your abdomen begins to grow. All the weight of the child and uterus presses down on the body. This pressure can slow the blood flow through the body, particularly to the uterus, decreasing oxygen to the baby.

Other yoga poses involve pushing your stomach. As your pregnancy advances and your belly grows, these positions become more awkward.

Abdominal Moves

Pregnancy hormones relax connective tissues in the body including muscle. This puts a pregnant lady at a higher danger for injuries like muscle pulls and pressures. A pregnant lady needs to prevent positions that concentrate on excessive abdominal muscle stretching. Back bends and the Camel Pose are instances of positions that source too much pressure on the abdominals. Keep other highly muscle-stretching relocate to a minimum, doing them for just short time periods if you do them at all. Turning steps commonly trigger a lot of stretching in the body. Keep the twisting motion little and stop as soon as you feel the pressure of the twist.


Inversion positions are those that require your head to decrease. Handstands and headstands are 2 instances of inversion positions you ought to stay clear of. Inversions occasionally cause dizziness in pregnant ladies, especially women with reduced blood pressure, according to ‘Yoga Journal.’ Downward-facing Canine is considered fairly safe as long as you don’t stay in the pose for long periods of time.

Balance Poses

Poses that require balancing on one leg or on the arms provide a challenge for pregnant ladies. As your stomach expands, your gravity center changes. This can toss off your balance. Steps like the Tree Pose or Crane Pose leave you at risk for losing your balance and falling, which might result in injury. If you wish to do postures that need strong balance, perform them against a wall or while holding onto a chair to provide support.

Altered Breathing Poses

Certain positions involve altered breathing that can influence how much oxygen your infant receives. This puts your infant at threat. Some poses like Interval Breath include holding the breath, according to ‘Yoga Journal.’ Positions like Head Shining Breath alter the air flow as you breathe. Stay clear of these positions for the duration of the pregnancy.