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One contributing element to colitis, or swelling of the huge intestine, is stress, according to Qualified yoga therapist Mukunda Stiles, author of ‘Structural Yoga Treatment,’ suggests reflection, mild forward and back bends, spine twists and staying clear of busy or heated practices.
Check with your doctor before starting a yoga practice for colitis, and inform your yoga teacher of your condition, and other health issues, prior to course.


Warm up your spinal column, improve your blood circulation and massage your digestive organs with cat/cow present. Start on your hands and knees with your toes tucked under. Exhale, curve your back upward as you lower your head to look towards your legs. Inhale, curve your back downward as you look straight forward. Continue for 9 more breaths.

Cobra Pose

Cobra position is a mild back flex that stretches your spine, promotes your digestive organs and relieves stress. Lie on your belly with your palms flat on the floor next to each side of your chest. Keep your legs and feet parallel. Inhale, extend your spine, press your hands into the floor and raise your chest, shoulders and head forward. Press the tops of your toes down into the floor and lengthen your body forward for an excellent stretch. Hold for a few breaths, then lower down slowly.

Seated Forward Bend

Seated forward flex likewise tones your digestive organs and calms your nervous system. Sit with your legs straight out in front of you. Link your sit bones to the floor, draw in your tummy and extend your spine upward with your shoulders relaxed. Inhale, and reach your chest forward towards your feet as you exhale. Either hold onto your feet or make use of a strap around your feet. Keep your shoulders back and maintain the space between your tummy and thighs.

Seated Spinal Twist

Seated spine twist stretches your upper body and enhances food digestion. Sitting with your legs directly out in front of you, bend your right knee and step your foot flat on the floor. Bend your right arm and place it on the within of your right leg with your hand up. Inhale, extend your spine. Exhale, twist to the left. Place your left hand on the floor or on a block behind your left hip. Hold for a few breaths, then repeat on your other side.

Corpse Pose

For final leisure, finish your practice with corpse present. Lie on your back with your arms out to your sides, palms dealing with the ceiling. Keep your legs a little separated. Use props– a blanket or a pillow– to make the pose as comfortable as possible. Hold for at least 5 minutes.