A headstand can help improve blood circulation to hands and feet.

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If your hands and feet have a tendency to get cold or tingly, yoga presents can assist enhance circulation to those areas. Yoga’s focus on breathing as you move through or hold postures enables your blood to flow more easily and deliver fresh oxygen to your body, including your hands and feet.

Blood Circulation

Blood takes a trip with your veins to your heart’s right atrium and into your right ventricle, which pumps the oxygen-deprived blood into your lungs. Freshly oxygenated blood go back to your left atrium and into your left ventricle, which pumps red, oxygen-rich blood into your aorta and sends out the blood throughout your body. A regular practice of yoga presents– stretches, twists, bends and inversions– and breathing methods increase the flow of fresh blood throughout the body, according to B.K.S. Iyengar, world-renowned yoga teacher and author of ‘Yoga: The Path to Holistic Wellness.’

Inverted Poses

Headstands assist relax your sympathetic nerves and enhance the blood flow not just to your head but to your whole body. Avoid headstands if you’ve high blood pressure, a heart disease or a neck injury. Various other basic inversions for helping blood circulation include the downward-facing pet and bridge present. For more challenging inversions, attempt the handstand, shoulder stand and forearm stand.

Restorative Inversion

A more restorative inversion is the legs-up-the-wall pose, where you lie on the floor with your legs straight up, leaning on the wall. Since your head is reduced, the muscles relax around the veins in your hands. Feet unwind and blood flows more easily.

Forward Bends

Forward bends, both seated and standing, enhance blood circulation to the legs. Because the standing forward flex is likewise an inversion, sending out freshly oxygenated blood to your brain, this posture enhances overall flow. A seated forward flex, such as the head-to-knee pose, heightens flow in your core, legs and feet.

Breathing Techniques

Yoga breathing methods, called pranayama, improve your flow of oxygen. Kapalabhati breathing includes passively breathing in and actively breathing out to get rid of excess waste from lungs. Alternate nostril breathing balances your brain, relieves stress, soothes your mind, clears your lungs and manages your body’s cooling and warming systems.


For much better flow, beverage water to flush out toxins and avoid dehydration. Reduce caffeine, alcohol and smoking cigarettes, all of which constrict blood vessels and obstruct circulation. See your doctor before exercising yoga if you’ve any health conditions or issues.