Yoga is an effective ally in the effort to heighten and sustain energy levels throughout the day. According to a study released in ‘Psycho-Oncology,’ even post-treatment cancer survivors who routinely exercise yoga show an enhancement in energy. Yoga offers a quick, caffeine-free boost that costs absolutely nothing and can be done virtually anywhere– in the house, at the office, even in the car.


Low energy can be the outcome of lack of sleep, but it can also come from shallow breathing, inadequate nutrition, tension, and underlying health concerns. Yoga is a holistic practice, and as such, can treat different reasons for tiredness, whether physical or psychological, concurrently.


Breathing is a vital part of yoga and assists to boost energy when done in combination with the presents. Yoga breathing can also be done on its own as a pick-me-up when brief on time, space, or privacy. The simple act of thoroughly oxygenating your blood stimulates energy flow. The Breath of Fire is a shallow breath. Sit with your spinal column straight and drop your chin down an inch to line up the head and spine. Swiftly sniff in and out, with equal focus on the inhalation and exhalation, keeping the breath at the pointer of your nose. The Ujjayi breath is a deeper, diaphragmatic breath. Slightly lift the roofing system of your mouth as you inhale with your nose and push your diaphragm down as you exhale, likewise with your nose.

Energizing Poses

Begin the Downward Pet dog posture standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward from the hips and put your hands on the floor in front of you, shoulder width apart, fingers facing forward. Slowly and delicately push your hips up and back as you straighten your spine. Hold the pose for 5 Ujjayi breaths as you carefully press your heels toward the floor.

The Warrior I present starts with a forward lunge. Turn your back foot out at a 45 degree angle as you extend both arms overhead. Square your hips and join your palms overhead. Hold the posture for 5 Ujjayi Breaths. Warrior II can be reached right away from Warrior I. Maintain your lunge as you bring both arms down to carry level. Stretch one arm in front of you as you draw the other behind and point in opposite directions, palms down. Hold the position for five Ujjayi breaths.

Energy Foods

Yoga is best done on an empty tummy. However, when you’ve finished the presents, there are numerous yoga motivated foods that can help to keep your energy. Dates, figs, and almonds are all excellent options. Fast food, junk food, and leftovers have the tendency to cause sleepiness, so avoid them if you’re feeling sluggish.


Yoga positions must be done gradually and with concentration to avoid injury with loss of balance or over-stretching. Yoga breathing can in some cases induce lightheadedness, so see to it you substitute the Breath of Fire and the Ujjayi breaths with deep, regular breaths.