Yoga assists tone your muscles, makes you more versatile and provides many other advantages also. Most of the benefits of yoga can enhance your work efficiency and assist you prevent on-the-job injuries. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Details, yoga practiced at work eases stress and stress, which in turn helps avoid job-related health threats such as carpal tunnel syndrome, eye pressure and even more. You can even do yoga without leaving your desk.

Twist Pose

According to the Department of Occupational Health and Safety, sitting at your desk for hours on end can increase pressure on the discs in your spine, triggering pain in the back and possible damage. You can perform a Twist present in your chair that’ll certainly stretch your back, alleviating the pressure and stress. Cross one leg over the other and get your leading thigh with your opposite hand. Hold the back of your chair with your free harm and turn your upper body towards that arm. Stretch for numerous seconds. Change the position of your legs and arms and twist in the other direction.

Seated Prayer Pose

Another yoga present that advantages your lower back in addition to your neck and shoulders is the Seated Prayer present. Sit forward near the edge of your chair. As you breathe in deeply, project your chest up and forward. At the same time, raise your shoulders up and outward. Raise your face upward and tilt your head back as if looking toward the sky. Exhale and go back to your beginning position. Repeat 8 to 12 times.

Yes and No Pose

If you’ve the tendency to hold tension in your neck and shoulders or if your display position causes neck strain, yoga postures will certainly help you relieve the pain and stress. The Yes and No posture is simple yet effective. Slowly move your head from side to side as if aiming to the left and then the right. Keep your chin level as you move. Perform 10 repeatings. Follow this with 10 repeatings of the Yes posture, in which you tilt your head as far back as comfy and afterwards tilt forward with your chin near your chest.

Staff Pose

A 1998 research study by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke mentions that about 3 from 10,000 staff members missed work due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga positions such as the Staff pose can ease carpal tunnel pain as well as help avoid it. Sit upright and press your hands beside you on the chair. Press your shoulders back and down. Raise them back up gradually and duplicate 8 to 10 times.