Slim Down

Slim Down

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Try this 10-minute series from Yoga expert Kristin McGee and you’ll empower your Metabolic rate by strengthening your core Flow with it (as soon as on each side) 3 to 5 days a week.

Dog Split

Dog split

Begin on hands and knees. Exhale, lift knees, push hips up, align arms and legs Inhale, lift best leg as high as possible.

Knee to Nose

Knee to nose Inhale, round back, scoop in abdominals, and pull ideal knee to nose Exhale, kick boost to Pet dog Split.

Knee to Right Shoulder

Knee to right shoulder Inhale, round back and bend right knee, opening it out to the side. Bring right knee to best shoulder.

Knee to Left Shoulder

Knee to Left Shoulder Inhale, make ideal knee in and throughout body toward left shoulder.

One-Legged plank

One Legged Plank Inhale, lower hips, move torso forward so shoulders are over hands, keep best boost, hold Exhale and lower leg. Raise hips, return to start Repeat entire series on left.