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Forward Fold

Stretches hamstrings, calves, and hips, enhances legs and knees

Stand with feet hip-width apart, carefully hinge forward at the hips and lower the torso toward the floor. Bend your knees kindly to take any pressure from the low back and hamstrings. Comprehend opposite elbows with opposite hands. Breathe deeply and let gravity take the body toward the earth. Relax your head, neck, shoulders and upper body. Gradually sway your torso or delicately shake your head. Hold for one minute and roll back up to standing.

Why it’s good for you: This is a fantastic move to utilize as part of a warm-up for any workout.

We often have a tough time understanding when we’re holding excess stress in our head, neck and shoulders, which accumulation of stress can create headaches, sleeplessness, bad circulation and minimized lung capability. If you exercise slow-moving, stable breathing along with this position, it can decrease your blood pressure gradually.


Stretches shoulders and chest, boosts thighs, calves, spine, and ankles

Stand up tall with your huge toes touching. Inhale and raise your arms straight up to the ceiling alongside your head and neck with palms facing each other. Drop your shoulders down your back as you extend up through the neck. As you breathe out, flex your knees, sit down and back as if you were sitting in a chair (like doing a squat with your feet together). Don’t let your knees extend previous your toes. With each inhale lengthen the spinal column. With each exhale sit a little deeper in the chair. Eventually your thighs will be parallel to the floor. Drop your tailbone down toward the floor to take any burn out of your lower back. Keep your core muscles engaged and keep your knees and thighs pushed snugly together. Hold for 30 seconds.

Why it benefits you: No health club required! Chair pose torches stomach fat while enhancing the thighs and legs.

Warrior I

Stretches shoulders and hips, reinforces upper and lower body

Come into Crescent Lunge with your right foot forward in the lunge. Spin your left toes to deal with the left side of the space and press your heel down. Your back foot must be parallel with the front of the space. Inhale and reach your arms up alongside your head with your palms facing each other. Drop your shoulders down your back. Bring your upper body up and off the front thigh. Do not let your front knee extend past the toes. Both hips ought to face forward. Hold for one minute. Repeat on the opposite side.

Why it benefits you: Warrior enhances space and mobility in locations where guys require it most– shoulders, hips, and knees. It’s another posture that creates fantastic stability in and around the knee, so enhances stability for high-impact exercises.