Yoga Poses for Two

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Invite a friend, partner or relative to spend time on your yoga mat with yoga for two. Although partner yoga commonly works best when yogis are similar in size, you can practice numerous gentler postures even if your combination is mismatched. Exercising poses that both you and your partner are prepared for is an essential aspect of yoga for two. Kelly McGonigal, PhD, of Stanford College, writes in ‘Yoga Journal’ magazine that partners need to have a strong foundation in traditional yoga poses before trying any advanced partner postures.

Double Twist

Double twist allows you and your partner to stretch your spinal columns with the support of each various other. Sit cross-legged, back to back. Bring your right-hand man to your partner’s left knee or thigh and your left hand to your very own right thigh. Have your partner do same. Sit tall, feeling encouraged to breathe deeply by your partner’s own deep breath. Hang on each side for up to one minute. Author Alice T. Carter, for online paper ‘TribLive’ out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, passes on that turning with a partner is more reliable than without.

Extended Double Boat Pose

Face your partner in a seated position. Clasp each other’s hands and press the bottoms of your feet together. Start to straighten your legs, so both sets of feet point upward. Balance on your sit bones, instead of tailbones. If your backs start curving, press chests forward and keep shoulders broad. Hold for five to 7 breaths.

Stacked Plank Pose

Only practice this partner position if you can each hold a standard plank position for a minimum of 10 breaths without losing kind. To practice present, among you starts in a basic plank– which looks like a push-up beginning position– with arms straight and hands straight under your shoulders. Your partner practices plank with tops of his feet resting on your very upper back, near your neck, and his hands clasping your ankles. Hold for a couple of breaths, then switch locations.

Side-to-Side Tree Pose

You can exercise side-to-side tree with anyone, including a smaller friend or kid. Stand with your sides touching and hold hands. Each partner brings their outside foot to inside leg, above or below knee cap. Reach your outside arms straight up and over to see if you can clasp hands together overhead. Hold for five to seven breaths, then switch over sides.

Downdog and Handstand Prep

Build arm strength and balance in this challenging mix of 2 postures. Begin with you in downward-facing canine– body in an upside-down V shape. Your friend poses with his back to you, in a wide-legged downward pet, legs straddled over your mid-back. Very carefully, he walks one foot at a time onto each side of your lower back, forming an upside-down L shape with his shoulders straight over his hands like a handstand. After holding poses together for a few breaths, have your partner bring one leg down at a time, being mindful of your head. Hold for up to five breaths then switch over postures.