Excessive sitting or strength training without extending can cause tightness in the hip flexors, according to Healing Lifestyles & Spas. Exercising some simple yoga poses for at least 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week can assist soothe, extend and launch the stress in your hips. You could feel a dull pains in your muscles as you stretch, but this is regular due to the fact that the muscles are accustoming to stretching further than typical.

The Lunge

Lunge forward with your left leg up until your best knee touches the floor. At this position, the sole of your left foot ought to be flat on the floor while the toes of your ideal foot should support your ideal leg. Location both hands on the floor on the within your left leg. Unwind your arms, back, head, legs and neck. Maintain this pose for at least 3 minutes, according to Yoga Body Naturals. Avoid straining your breathing and just breath normally up until you feel comfortable. Repeat this process when lunging forward with your ideal leg. As you end up being more comfortable with the lunge, slowly location both your arms on the floor till your elbows touch the floor for a more extreme stretch.

Eye of the Needle

Lie on your back with your knees bent, and both feet flat on the floor. Cross your left ankle over your right knee and interlace your fingers underneath your best thigh. Lift your best leg off the floor and keep this position for a minimum of 3 minutes. Your back should stay flat, and your head should rest comfortably on the floor. If you feel strain in your neck or upper back, then place a rolled towel or little pillow under your neck for support. Repeat this process with the opposite side.

Legs Up the Wall

The legs up the wall pose, or viparita karani, is ideal for novices since of its simpleness, according to Physical fitness For Mommies. Set a rolled towel or small pillow below your lower back, lift both your legs off the ground and rest them against a wall. Keep both your legs directly so they’re almost flat against the wall. From the side, you must appear to be sitting on the wall with your back on the floor. Lift your arms back so they rest on either side of your head. Maintain this position for at least three minutes.