If you’re trying to find spinal versatility and movement, then yoga might be what you require. Option Medicine and Wellness writer Melanie Haiken shares arise from a research carried out by Group Wellness Cooperative in her article for ‘Yoga Journal.’ Out of three groups, the individuals in the yoga practicing group revealed the most relief from back pain. Before trying yoga positions, ask your physician if there are any movements you must stay clear of.

Big Toe Pose or Padangusthasana

Big Toe Pose is generally a variation of Forward Bend. Bring your upper body toward your lower body, hinging from your hips. Flex your knees, somewhat, if you feel that your back is curved or if it’s difficult to touch the floor. If you easily reach your hands to the floor, then keep your knees soft, rather than locked. This is Forward Bend. To move into Huge Toe Pose, cover your first two fingers around each big toe. Press your index and pinkie fingers into the base of your toe, or you can grab your ankles. Draw yourself into the stretch. Hold the position for approximately one minute. You ought to feel a release in your upper back and hamstrings. Increase back up, slowly, to prevent lightheadedness.

Bound Angle Pose or Baddha Konasana

Physical therapist and Iyengar teacher, Julie Gumestad, points out the relationship in between tight hip flexors and back or back issues. Without flexibility in the hips, muscles pull down on the pelvis and cause compression in the back. ‘Yoga Journal’ advises Bound Angle Pose for opening the hips, which in effect, should add to a healthier spinal column. From a seated position, bring the bottoms of the feet together to touch, permitting the knees to splay out to each side. Bring the feet as near to the body as possible. If you’ve difficulty sitting upright in this position, attempt positioning a folded towel or blanket under the hips. Let gravity draw the knees down as you breathe deeply for one to five minutes.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana

After decompressing the spine with Huge Toe Pose and opening the hips with Bound Angle, you could be ready for a turning position. According to ‘Yoga Journal,’ Half Lord of the Fishes rejuvenates the spine and relieves backaches. Johns Hopkins highlights that yoga can even help with chronic pain in the back. Sit with your right heel versus your left hip and your left heel against your ideal hip. Your left knee is upright. Turn your body toward your left knee, then cover your ideal arm and hand around it. Place your left hand on the floor behind you. Exhale to twist deeper and breathe in to lengthen your posture upward, toward the ceiling. Hold for approximately one minute on each side.