Yoga Poses for the Sides

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Yoga has numerous various variations for side poses. The best method to know which variation works for you is to move gradually with your breath and begin with basic positioning. The two standard side poses that’ll be simplest to begin with are the standing side bend and the side angle present. If you’ve strong balancing abilities, you can also attempt the half moon present.

Standing Side Bend/Crescent Moon Pose

When beginning crescent moon present, you’ll stand straight with your weight dispersed equally on each side of your body. When your feet are firm and pressing in the mat, you’ll then breathe in, reaching your arms above your head and interlacing your fingers while pushing away from your head. The final move will be to extend your left hip out and arching slowly to your right. You’ll then hold this present while you breathe for four to 8 breaths. On your last inhale, gradually launch back to center and continue to ground your feet in to the ground as you reach your arms above you. Repeat this on the various other side.

Side Angle Pose

Start side angle pose by separating your feet no more than 5 feet apart. Turn your left foot 90 degrees and your right foot about 10 degrees. When you’ve discovered your balance in this position, take your left heel into the floor and flex your left knee while keeping your thigh parallel with the ground. Tilt your torso to the left and bring your left elbow to your left thigh. Stretch your right arm over your head with your palm dealing with down. Bring the entire left side of your torso forward and the right side back. Hold this position for four to eight breaths and then repeat on the various other side.

Half Moon Pose

Half moon posture is more advanced and needs balance. Start on your mat with your right-hand man resting on your right hip. On an inhale, flex your left knee, and slide your right foot eight inches forward while you stretch your left hand forward. As you breathe out, push your left hand and left heel to the floor as you straighten your left leg. As you do this, lift your right leg so that it becomes parallel to the floor. Be sure to keep the knee on your standing leg loose. Rotate the top upper body to the right and move the right hip forward somewhat. Your gaze can be forward if you begin, but for a deeper challenge raise your look to the top of your hand that’s in the air. Remain in this position for 4 to six breaths or as long as you can. Lower the raised leg to the floor with an exhale and repeat on the various other side.


Performing yoga postures for your sides need to feel enjoyable, however occasionally can feel strenuous. Some secrets to doing these types of yoga postures appropriate and efficient are to utilize a block if necessary, be in song to your positioning and constantly concentrate on one area to aid with balance, according to LifeTips. If any of these poses feel too difficult, adjust the quantity of time or breaths you hold the present and make sure to never hold a posture to the point of discomfort.