Taking its roots from Hindu principles and concentrating on integrating breath and activity, yoga is a popular activity for many Americans. Specific positions can be done in the practice to focus on specific body parts, such as the lower back, to help alleviate pain and stress. With any yoga position, exercise these positions in a safe environment and never ever press to the point of pain.

Bridge Pose

Lie on the floor, utilizing a thick blanket under the shoulders if needed for support. Flex the knees and keep the feet securely on the floor, with the heels near to the sitting bones. The arms must be down at the sides with palms facing up. Using a deep exhale, press the arches of the feet and whole length of the arms to the floor. Press the tailbone toward the ceiling, squeeze the buttocks together and left the buttocks off the floor. The feet and thighs must remain parallel to the floor, and keep the weight in the shoulders and upper back, not on the head. While rising, push the knees far from the hips, extending the tailbone. Stay in the position for 30 seconds to one minute. Release as an exhale and roll back to the beginning position.

Child Pose

The youngster posture helps extend and release tension in the lower back. It can be done throughout a yoga session, or at any point in the day when leisure is essential. This posture assists the spine counterstretch after a backwards flex as well. Begin in a kneeling position, sitting on the feet with the knees separated to the width of the hips. Move the forehead to the floor and place the arms straight in front of the body. Keep the forehead on the floor and move the arms around to the side with the palms dealing with up. Take a couple of breaths while in the position, then return to the starting position. Make sure in standing to prevent lightheadedness.

Sage Twist

Start by sitting on the floor with the legs extended in front of you. Flex the ideal knee while raising the best leg over the left. Put the best foot on the floor beside the left knee. Keep the spine straight. Place the left elbow on the right side of the right knee and flex it so the fingertips touch the right hip. Exhale, and at the very same time twist to look over the right shoulder. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, then release. Repeat the workout on the left side. The sage twist ought to be done only to a comfy stretch and not to pain, as some might be excessively excited to see how far they can go.