Yoga teacher and creator of Yoga and Pilates for Runners site, Laura Denham-Jones, states that yoga positions can assist you fix muscle imbalances brought on from running. Although practicing yoga poses for each part of your body is useful, you can spend more time on presents that stretch typical trouble locations for runners, consisting of hips and hamstrings. Core supporting presents are very important for runners as well, according to U.S.A Triathalon’s Sage Rountree, Ph.D. and yoga teacher.

Intense Side Stretch Pose

Intense side stretch position targets hamstrings and the spinal column, according to ‘Yoga Journal.’ From a standing position, take your left foot back a couple feet. Put your hands on your hips and stand as tall as possible. On an exhale, fold yourself directly from your hips, bringing your upper body out over the floor. Keep your legs straight, and stay clear of allowing them to move. When you feel prepared to go further, fold your upper body toward your right leg. Hold for five to 7 breaths, then change sides.


Dancer pose helps you with core stablizing and the extending of your quads and hip flexors. From a standing position, wrap your right hand around your best ankle. Flex your foot as you press your ankle into your hand. Remain to create an arc shape with your body as you bring your leg additionally and further behind you. Avoid allowing your knee to move far from your midline. You can raise your left arm to the sky. Hang on each side for 5 to 7 breaths.


This customized variation of heron present enhances your abdominals and stretches your hamstrings. From a cross-legged position, lean back, and get hold of the sides of your right foot. Agreement your stomach muscles as you correct your ideal leg so it points up. Bring your torso and leg toward each other for more intensity. Hold for up to 10 breaths on each side.

Fire Log

If you’ve tight outer hips from running, try fire log pose. Sit on the floor, stacking your ideal shin on top of your left shin. The area between your legs ought to resemble a triangle, and your shins ought to face straight ahead. To include even more experience, lean forward, or all the way to the floor, while keeping your hips on the ground. Hang on each side for as much as one minute.


Frog pose opens the groins and stretches the inner thighs. Get on your knees, with your knees as far apart from each other as possible. Flex your feet, then move them away from each other, so your heels are in line with your shins. Lean over to put your elbows on the floor. Breathe deeply, permitting your hips to return in the direction of your feet till you reach your maximum stretch. Hold for as much as one minute.