Yoga Poses for Restless Legs Syndrome

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Lying still under the covers enveloped by the recovering nature of undisturbed sleep is just a dream for some individuals suffering from antsy legs disorder or RLS. Plagued by the urge to relocate their legs due to uncommon feelings such as throbbing and pulling, some people with RLS experience the extra challenge of trying to work and set about their everyday business exhausted and commonly disheartened. While there’s no treatment for RLS, gentle and restorative yoga postures can help alleviate the results.

Big Toe Pose

Come to a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Remove your toes off the floor, then spread them before lowering them back down to the ground. Draw your upper leg muscles up and far from your knees. Align your back and lift your upper body. Slide your shoulder blades down your back so they are not hunched up around your ears. Inhale, and then while breathing out gradually bend forward from your waist and cover the first 2 fingers of each hand around each of your huge toes. Keep lengthening your back as you breathe normally. If the stretch is too intense for your hamstring muscles or the backs of your calves, bend your knees a little. Stay in this position for up until a minute.

Head to Knee Pose

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched directly in front of you. Draw your left foot to your pelvis slowing against your upper right thigh. Let your left knee lay on the flooring. Lengthen your torso by lifting it up from your waist. On an exhale, begin to fold forward from your waist with your hands moving on top of, or on the flooring beside your right leg. Only bend forward as far as your can go without triggering pressure on your lower back or hamstring muscles. If your can reach your toes then lightly realize the sides of your right foot with your hands. Breathe usually throughout. Remain in this gentle stretch for up until a minute and then duplicate the series on the various other side.

Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

While sitting on the floor spread your legs as far apart as you can without causing discomfort. Keep your feet bent to the ceiling. Inhale, then while exhaling twist your torso somewhat to the left. Fold forward from your waist over your left leg trying to reach your toes. Only go as far as you can and if you cannot grasp your left foot with both hands, let your hands lay lightly on top of your left leg. Stay in this position for 5 breaths and still flexing from your waist walk your hands in between your outstretched feet till you’re dealing with forward. Unwind for five breaths and then twisting from your waist to the right, walk your hands over to your right leg and take five breaths. Repeat the whole sequence as many times as you feel comfy.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Sit on the floor beside a wall in your residence. Have a few folded up towels or blankets lying next to you. Scoot the edge of your right hip against the wall then remove both legs together up the wall while laying your torso and head on the flooring. Take this time for a couple of adjustments. While making sure your legs are perpendicular to the flooring, choose if you feel more comfortable with your buttocks touching the wall and your back against the floor, or laying a few inches away and supported by the folded up towels which you can move underneath your lesser back. Stay in this position for as long as you feel comfy.