A crossed-leg pose helps to stretch the piriformis muscle.

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The piriformis muscle is also referred to as the ‘tailor’s muscle,’ called for the cross-legged position tailors traditionally take when sewing. The muscle begins at the outer section of your hip and wraps around your thigh to connect at your knee. The muscle is liable for helping you raise and rotate the leg, making it extremely important for dancers, soccer players and runners. If you experience a tight piriformis muscle, or merely want to gain adaptability in the thigh muscle, carrying out specific yoga postures can help to extend the piriformis muscle.

Cow Face Pose

The cow face pose is a crossed-leg present that targets the piriformis muscle. Begin by sitting with your feet together. Gradually cross your legs over each other, letting your left leg slide over your right. Stop when your knees are resting over each other. You ought to feel a stretch across the front of your hips all the method to your knee. Reach your right arm behind your back, up and over your head. Realize the right-hand man with your left, reaching the left hand from underhand. Hold the present for 15 to 30 seconds. Release the stretch and repeat the exercise 3 times, switching which knee is on top of the various other with each stretch.

Half Lord of the Fishes

The half lord of the fishes pose helps to extend the piriformis and lower back muscles. Start in a seated position with your feet touching each various other. Cross your left leg over your right, putting the outside of your right ankle just above your left knee. Tuck your bent right leg in slightly. Twist towards your right side, placing your right-hand man flat on the floor behind your body. Your left elbow needs to rest beyond your right knee, assisting to grow the twisting position. Breathe deeply for 15 seconds as you hold this position, feeling the stretch across the front of your thigh. Release the stretch and repeat 3 times, then switch to stretch the opposite leg.

Cobbler’s Pose

Also called the bound-angle present, the cobbler’s present is a piriformis stretch that can be conveniently done throughout your day. Started by sitting with your feet touching each various other. Lean a little forward and place your hands on the beyond each foot. As you hold the feet, don’t force the knees down. Rather, let them rest normally. Remain to lean forward until you feel a stretch in the lower back and throughout the thighs. Take deep, cleaning breaths as you hold this position anywhere from one to 5 minutes.

One-legged King Pigeon Pose

The one-legged king pigeon present stretches various elements of the piriformis muscle as you extend the legs independently. Because it needs fantastic adaptability, this exercise might require some practice to master. Begin by sitting on the floor with your right leg in front of you and your left leg extended behind you. Bend the right leg, pulling it toward your body. If you’re really versatile, touch the right ankle to your left hipbone. Flex your left extended leg up and curve your back to cradle your head with your foot. You can reach your arms up and over your body to improve the stretch and bring your foot closer. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, then release. Repeat the exercise on the opposite leg.