In your quiet and sacred space, make yourself comfy for Yoga exercise Nidra.
Once in Savasana, take a few minutes to evaluate how the body feels, noting any sensations, stress or pain that may exist within the body. Should you feel the need to make any adjustments, doing this once again to be as comfortable as feasible, launching any pain and after that laying still.

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Become aware of the contact points between the body and the ground, then mindfully soften and surrender to letting go, become mindful of the sound of your breath, without judgment or reaction, surrender to the natural rhythm of the breathing and the exhalation, turn your attention to the noises bordering you and then knowingly noting the noises in the distance. Feel the body and the breath synchronize into consistency as your whole being is fulled of lightness and with peacefulness.

Silently and with objective withdraw your awareness to the essence of your being, which is your breath. Acknowledging mindfully this Prana that’s so precious without which we’d disappear. Sense that every cell of your mind and body is filled with the power and glory of your Divine nature respecting and praising the beauty that’s your breath. Re-awaken to the sutra– the usual thread– that binds us together– the life force energy or Shakti that allows us to be present with ourselves, with each other and with the Divine. With confidence depend on this frame of mind and happily verify to yourself. “I’m that, that I am– SO HUM!

Surrender to the appeal of your inner nature enabling the gentle rhythm of your breath to soothe every aspect of your body and your mind, feeling whole and full.

Take time to just be, acknowledging the stillness within.

After a while return your focus on the sounds from afar, then listening to the noises closer to you in the space and lastly to the noise of your very own breath. Become aware of your body linked to the ground and become entirely present with the physical facet of your being. Delicately re-vitalize and re-awaken the body and the mind with deeper breathings and naturally launching on each exhalation. Alleviate over to the right side of the body and remain there for a few breaths.

Come into a comfy sitting asana and remain peaceful for as long as you feel the requirement.
Remember to link to that place of stillness within on and off the matt enabling your Divine presence to shine.