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Place yourself in your most comfy relaxation position and prepare your body and mind for Yoga Nidra, for deep relaxation. Take all your awareness to your breath. Notice each inhalation and exhalation as you draw your awareness inwards. Without altering the rhythm of your breathing, silently and patiently note each and every breath without judgement, without response, without emotion, just silent observation and conscious awareness.

Allow the sacred life force of your breath to settle the entire body feeling how it gently and willingly releases to the delight of leisure. See the movement of the yogic breath from the belly with the chest to the nasal passages, as the tummy increases on the breathing and falls on the exhalation, observing patiently how the chest normally expands on the in breath and contracts on the out breath, how the air flows up with the nasal passages on entering and warmly flows down as it exists.

Observing and sensing the nature of the yogic breath, feel how it changes the whole being of your body with tranquillity and awareness. Awareness that’s healing, awareness that’s happy and awareness that declares. Keeping this experience of complete and calm awareness picture a beautiful color of indigo that radiates from the Ajna Chakra, the Brow Energy Centre. This glorious color enhances the Anja Centre with quality, a lot clearness that you begin to see the real nature of your inner being, you start to feel and picture the greater intellect, you understand and accept that inner voice, that inner being that’s your intuition.

It’s the quality and balance of Ajna that encourages you to credible that intuition which is your inner voice, to reputable that inner voice which is the knowledge you possess, to believe that knowledge that’s the Divine within you that speaks to you and affirms, “I’m the Reality, I’m your inner voice, I AM THAT– SO HUM,”

Allow the light of Ajna to declare your rely on your intuition, as your intuition is the Divine voice that speaks to you. If you count on, if you affirm, if you believe, then all you’ve to direct you along your course to recovering and satisfaction is to trust your intuition, which is the “guru” within you.

When you’re ready, patiently and effortlessly, bring your awareness back to your body by making small and gentle movements. Rejuvenate the body and the mind by increasing the oxygen to the brain and take a deep breath in, filling up your lungs then carefully launch the breath.

Allow the clarity of Ajna and the faith in your intuition to guide you, to heal you and to connect you to the “guru” within.

Remind yourself to always acknowledge the Divine Light that lives within.

Om Shanti.