Following a cloud with our eye and drifting through the sky with it can be an easy and peaceful mind-calming exercise.

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“When individuals make use of the phrase “head in the clouds,” they typically describe a frame of mind that appears to be wandering as opposed to concentrating. For this reason, putting our heads in the clouds can be a terrific mind-calming exercise device. Whether puffy and white or tinted with the colors of dawn and sunset or tones of gray, those vaporous sky dwellers can remind us of a lot of aspects of life and about ourselves. For this reflection, we can discover a physical location to relax and look upward, or we can look to the skies from within our creativities. Directing our ideas to the endless of expanse of sky that clouds occupy, we feel our souls expand to reach past any seeming constraints. Following the clouds, we’re complimentary to unleash our creativities. We could opt to simply wander in addition to them for a time, enjoying their distanced point of view on the world. Or we can try to find messages in their fantastical shapes, or feel the happiness of bounding in between their great billowy puffiness. However we communicate with them, we doing this from a peaceful location. Clouds wander above the hustle of the world below, knowing they concern an additional world that can not be had an effect on by its frenzy, advising us that peace is always readily available to us. By directing our vision past the common, clouds likewise remind us of the illusion of appearances. While seeming strong, their vapor and mist resemble cotton balls from below, giving little indicator of the heights they reach. Often they could cast shadows, leaving us in shade, however like life’s problems clouds alter shape and relocate onward, revealing the shining sun, twinkling celebrities and blue sky that lag them.

When a ray of light breaks through the clouds, their dramatic filtering system just makes the light more lovely by contrast, just as we can shine more brilliantly in the midst of life’s obstacles. When we allow clouds to offer us a welcome reprieve, they help us check out the world of illusion to see the truth beyond.”