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There are specific misconceptions about yoga that I think need to be unmasked.

Yoga is just an exercise.
Yoga isn’t merely an exercise to make one’s body fit, this is one of the most widespread misconceptions. Beyond its apparent physical aspect, Yoga is first and foremost a spiritual act with the main goal of unifying the body, mind, and feelings.

Yoga is an expensive activity.
Being mostly a spiritual exercise, authentic Yoga teachers who concentrate on the spiritual trainings of this art accept donations but don’t charge fixed amounts for their services. Also, there are a great deal of Yoga exercise centers and studios nowadays that offer courses that’ll not leave an opening in your pocket.

Compared to various other activities, Yoga doesn’t require a great deal of gear and equipment. If you’ve a Yoga Mat, you can begin practicing Yoga exercise.

Yoga can be taught by anyone.
Just since an individual can flex like a piece of licorice or carry out yoga Positions doesn’t indicate that it automatically provides him or her the right to teach Yoga. Training and practice for several years are needed before one can call oneself a genuine Yoga exercise instructor. The training needs to concentrate extremely on the spiritual growth and maturity of the individual, so he or she’ll be able to instruct Yoga exercise in the means it was suggested to be taught – as a union in between the body, mind, and spirit – and not merely as a workout.

Yoga will provide its practitioner extremely advanced physical adeptness.
While it’s real that lifelong practice of Yoga might lead a person to accomplish superior versatility (such as extremely state-of-the-art yogi), this doesn’t hold true for everyone. Yoga exercise isn’t a miracle activity which would immediately bestow its students the present of physical litheness. One must constantly keep in mind that besides the most preferred yogic positions and positions that we connect with the art of Yoga, its principal goal is to unify the body, mind, and spirit to accomplish true personal and universal enlightenment.