Now, I need to admit at the start that the title of this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek when I inform you that yoga meditation will give you a sense of release. That’s generally suggested on a more spiritual/psychological level. However, there are events that it might be construed actually. A yoga master had actually recently been jailed and held in a prison cell in South Korea. He was so flexible that he’d the ability to slip out unnoticed through a small slot under his cell door. A short article contributed by David Moye at the Huffington Post describes the particulars in aspect. Rather impressive.

Yoga Reflection Provides A Sense Of Release

It’s no stretch to say that yoga has numerous advantages. Nevertheless, enhancing one’s capability to escape from jail from a food slot isn’t normally noted in the brochures or pamphlets at the majority of yoga studios.

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Still, the prison escape from a yoga master in Korea is proof that the practice has useful applications beyond relaxation and workout.

Choi Gap-bok, who’d practiced yoga for 23 years, was jailed on suspicion of burglary on Sept. 12 and was put in a detention cell at the police station in the city of Daegu.

He stayed there for five days, however morning on Sept. 17, he used skin lotion on the upper part of his body and slipped out of the jail by squeezing through a small food slot at the bottom of the cell.

Whatever you could believe worrying this guy’s sense of guilt or innocence, his mastery of yoga meditation definitely added to his having the ability to slip out undetected. And getting yourself with a 17 inch opening demands a large amount of breathing control and an exercised ability to physically relax your body. Whatever the legitimacies, I constantly root for the underdog anyway. Run Choi, run!

I do not know if they have collared him yet. I’ll do a follow up if I learn anything about this. Why not comment and let’s understand exactly what you believe. You can click the like button and share this story with a good friend.

When the breath wanders the mind likewise is unstable. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi attains long life. Therefore, one ought to discover to regulate the breath. – Hatha Yoga Pradipika