Yoga Level 1 Certification

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If you want to become a yoga instructor in the United States, a training program recognized by the Yoga Partnership will provide you the most access to employment. Qualified yoga trainers are typically in demand at gym and workplaces, or you could even open your own studio. The Level 1 teacher training program involves 200 hours of finding out and practicing yoga.


There’s no official, government-backed licensing program for yoga instructors, but a lot of studios and fitness centers require educators to become a Registered Yoga Educator, or RYT, with a Yoga Alliance-affiliated training program. There are 2 levels of teacher accreditation: the 200- and 500-hour program. Level 1, or the 200-hour certification, suffices for employment at numerous studios, though some might need or urge the 500-hour training.


The 200-hour Yoga Partnership instructor training program includes specific learning hours in particular areas. You’ll have intensive training in yoga strategies and how finest to instruct them. There’s added guideline on training methodology, consisting of the company aspects of teaching yoga. Anatomy and physiology guideline analyzes both physical and metaphysical systems and how they apply to yoga. Other educational areas consist of yoga approach, way of living and ethics, practicum and electives.

Contact and Classroom Hours

Yoga Partnership educator training emphasizes contact hours over independent study. A contact hour is defined as ‘a classroom hour in the physical presence of a faculty member.’ In the 200-hour program, a minimum of 180 hours need to be contact hours, including 75 hours in techniques, 15 in teaching method, 10 in anatomy and physiology, 20 in philosophy/lifestyle/ethics and five practicum hours. Electives can be contact or noncontact hours, but you’ve to meet the minimum lot of total contact hours to finish certification.

Find a Program

A directory site of Registered Yoga Schools is offered on the Yoga Alliance internet site. Some yoga studios offer periodic educator training programs, while other centers are dedicated training environments. Expense and books vary by program. If you want to concentrate on a particular kind of yoga through your electives, let the program supervisor know prior to starting training to ensure that resources for that yoga kind are available in your location. You need to also evaluate the requirement for extra yoga instructors in your area prior to dedicating to a program to ensure your training will lead to teaching opportunities.