Yoga History: Carrying Methods for Mats

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Your yoga mat is your individual space you step on to eliminate yourself from the outside world and get in the yoga world. Without your mat, you’re left to exercise on the floor and with possibly the breach of dust, dirt or various other small particles. Your mat is clean, smells only like you and supports you in your most difficult of poses, so you want to deliver it safely to and from course.


The one approach of holding your yoga mat that’ll not cost you any cash is under your arm. Roll up your mat, tuck it under your arm and be on your method to course. If you’re stressed over the cost of buying your own yoga mat, consider the expense of contacting the germs that might exist on mats offered by your yoga center. ‘Yoga Diary’ warns that bacteria and viruses can linger and typically prosper in warm yoga classrooms.

Tote Bags

Once yoga individuals recognized they might need even more than just a mat for a yoga course, yoga mats began appearing sticking out of fitness center bags that housed yoga clothes, water bottles and towels. Yoga item companies started to make tote bags that secured the yoga mat to the bottom of the bag to allow more room inside for storage.

Mat Bags

For those who wanted a secure mat that might be secured from the environment, yoga bags were developed. These bags aren’t much larger than the mats themselves. You roll up your mat and slip it into the bag, or sleeve. The bags have holding bands on them and you can sling them over your shoulder or throughout your back for hands-free transport.


One of the yoga principles is simplicity. Yoga bags serve their feature, but when all you want to do is transport your mat easily, safely and easily, a yoga sling may be your selection. The yoga sling has two circles linked by a carrying strap. You slip one circle onto each end of your rolled up yoga mat and you prepare to take your mat anywhere. The slings likewise enable your mat to dry out on your means house from your exercise.