Yoga for Treating Tingling in the Legs
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You could discover tingling in your legs to be a minor annoyance, specifically if it interferes with your work or day-to-day life. Back troubles including sciatica prevail sources. Yoga can provide an alternative therapy that’ll help improve your flexibility and variety of movement. These effects can likewise help you prevent a reoccurrence of your condition. Depending upon the underlying cause, particular yoga postures and breathing exercise can provide relief.


Tingling in your legs can have many causes, from something as simple as your leg falling asleep to shingles to more significant conditions that require medical intervention. Sciatica might likewise trigger this sensation. Sciatica is an irritability of the sciatic nerve which runs down the back of your leg. A herniated disc could put pressure on the nerve. Yoga might provide some relief for your tingling sensation if sciatica or various other forms of back pain are the source.

Treating Sciatica

Stretching exercises can help deal with sciatica, with a special concentrate on the hamstrings. Several yoga exercise positions can show restorative for resolving this concern. The warrior I, II or III postures will all target the muscles of the leg, offering a gentle stretch along the afflicted area. Downward-facing canine may also offer some relief. If you’re experiencing any tingling together with the tingling feeling, you should make sure and not force yourself into a yoga exercise position. Your lack of sensation may interfere with the feelings of overstretching a muscle that your body might generally offer.

Exercise Therapy for Back Pain

Each of the several types of yoga has its own emphasis and application. For pain in the back, you might wish to try Viniyoga yoga exercise, which provides a gentle strategy to relieving your pain and resulting tingling in the legs. It incorporates gentle positions with breathing exercises to enhance your condition as well as relax you. Relaxation therapy is another recommended type of treatment. Doing Viniyoga yoga provides a two-faceted technique. Your practice will be personalized to your specific needs.


While yoga exercise can provide an alternative treatment to your tingling sensation, you ought to consult your physician if your feelings are accompanied by various other signs. See your physician if you experience discomfort in your neck, arms or hands as well as the sensation in your legs. You need to seek assistance right away if you experience any paralysis or have various other problems walking. Self-awareness can inform you to taking a more aggressive strategy with the tingling in your legs.