Relax your upper back and neck with yoga.

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Tightness in your upper back and neck can be triggered by lots of things, however the greatest root cause is generally too much stress. Anxiety compels your muscles to stiffen as if you were preparing to do fight with an unseen enemy and frequently requires your body into positions that, if held too long, produce an awkward tightness. Carry out yoga exercises to loosen the muscles in your upper back and neck numerous times a week and, if essential, several times a day.

Yoga at Work

If you work in a workplace, you can carry out yoga stretches right at your desk. Every time you feel your muscles tightening, the first thing to do is sit upright and force your shoulders down far from your ears. Simply take a couple of seconds to breathe deeply and afterwards carry out a series of slow neck rolls. Follow that up by some shoulder rolls and then side-stretching moves with your hands held above your head. Grip the arms of your chair to perform slow-moving twists from side to side. Execute each yoga move for approximately 30 seconds and repeat at least as soon as an hour if you tighten up again.

Forward Bending Poses

Any yoga posture that allows for the vertebrae in your upper back and neck to separate is something you’ve to exercise on a consistent basis to combat tightness in your upper back and neck. Standing Forward Bend is particularly effective in loosening those tight muscles, however practice the Rag Doll variation first. It varies from the timeless posture in that your arms and head are enabled to hang unrestricted. If exercising Seated Forward Bends for your neck and upper back, pick ones that permit even more freedom of movement. So, rather of the very structured Seated Forward Bend, select Head-to-Knee Forward Bend, which is carried out on one side at a time and has the greater capacity for smoothing out your tight muscles. Stay as long as you like in each pose and bear in mind to breathe deeply and equally.

Repetitive Yoga Moves

Bridge and Cat/Cow are both positions that lend themselves well to repetition. Repeating a yoga position that targets the tightness in your upper back and neck has the secondary benefit of assisting to ease stress. Raise and decrease into Bridge present on your exhalations and inhalations, respectively, and when performing Cat/Cow, exaggerate the downward angle of your head when in Feline and truly push away from the floor with your hands when in Cow to relieve the tightness in your upper back and neck.


Make sure to do yoga exercises that help, not exacerbate the issue. Keep away from presents that put unneeded pressure on your upper back and neck such as arm balances and inversions such as Shoulderstand, Headstand and Handstand. And as a cautionary measure, contact your physician to dismiss other source for your discomfort before performing yoga for tightness in your upper back and neck.