Yoga is very much in vogue nowadays. It’s actually become the talk of the town. It’s but natural for anyone to seem like venturing into it but not having the self-confidence levels to do it.


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There’s a special sort of Yoga classes called ‘Seniors Chair Yoga’ where the positions of Yoga exercise are made easier. Though it’s discussed ‘Senior citizens’ the course is suggested more for those individuals who’ve troubles in doing yoga exercise seated on the floor. The entry to this class is determined by the capability of the individual instead of the years. An individual might be immobilized due to ailment or some injury. Such people can take the perk of this course with the consent of their family professional.

Here the poses are based from the chair rather than from the ground. So the problem of getting up and down from the floor is prevented. One gets the support of the chair. So the pupils can do the ‘asanas’ or the poses with ease and self-confidence. All the asanas suggested for lesser pain in the back relief, enhancement of the digestive system, arms and shoulder conditioning are done with the support of the chair. They’re particularly the Cat, Cobra, Cow postures. The breathing workouts, all the stretches, bends and rotations which are attributes of an usual class are done carefully. This makes sure that no pain is caused to any student while doing the asanas. One can stay stable while doing all the Standing postures that offer a stretch to the entire body due to the presence of the chair. Warrior I, Side Angle and Tree are some of these.

Normally some of the asanas in yoga need to be prevented by specific classification of people. In one such asana wherein you’re actually upside down or where the feet are greater than the heart i.e the pose of ‘Inversion’ needs to be stayed clear of by those having blood stress problems. Even more focus is placed on those poses that warm up the body and are retained for shorter durations.

Yoga is understood to enhance the physical and psychological well being of the individual. Many of the postures which give stretch to the whole or components of the body assistance in reinforcing the particular parts.

To conclude, yoga exercise offers numerous benefits such as soothing the nerves and releasing persistent tension, improving breathing, managing pressure and heart troubles, offering relief from any pain whatsoever and antsy sleep, making mind sharper and life improved.

The elders are mostly benefitted as their different problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, sleeplessness, uneasiness, exhaustion, pressure and heart problems, indigestion are tackled by yoga exercise and they’re provided relief. These people can avail of this Chair Yoga exercise courses with a qualified instructor and thus can with confidence face the world.