It’s 7:30 pm on Sunday night. The sun has set and my eight-year-old self starts to feel tummy knots because tomorrow means I need to go back to school. My mom passionately created this feeling the “Sunday night blahs.” The blahs hit an all-time high when mid-August rolls around, as I understood the beginning of the school year was approaching. (Still to this day I’ve a visceral feedback when back-to-school advertisements start to sneak into the cumulative minds of parents and youngsters during the summertime!)

Does your bean ever get a case of the Sunday night blahs? Through a couple of basic yoga workouts you can assist your bean invite the back-to-school experience with an open mind, body, and heart. Below are three exercises that can relieve any back-to-school jitters your kid could have, and make for a smooth and serene go back to the brand-new academic year.


The Shake Out. One means to deal with general stress and anxiety is to transform anxious energy into helpful sensations and actions. The Shake Out is an exercise that enables youngsters to release and redirect unvented disappointments with the movements of their bodies. Begin by asking your bean to stand in Mountain position. The Shake Out exercise begins with children enthusiastically shaking their left leg as they count up– from one to ten– at a fast rate. Next, while counting up to ten, ask your bean to shake their ideal leg … then their left arm while counting up to ten … and lastly their best arm while counting up to ten. Next, ask your bean to go back to their left leg and shake it out, however this time they must count up to nine. As soon as once again, have your bean cycle with shaking each remaining limb while counting up to nine: ideal leg … left arm … ideal arm. This workout needs to be repeated across all limbs up until the top is reached. The Shake Out can also be done after school to release the unexpressed energy that kids usually have after sitting behind a school desk for extended periods of time.


Take 5 Breathing. This breathing exercise makes it possible for children to pause, rest and relax whenever they require it. Start the exercise by asking your bean to make a gentle fist. He or she must breathe in for the full count of five– 1– 2– 3– 4– 5– while they unroll one finger at a time. When all 5 fingers are spread out large (the hand needs to resemble a starfish) ask your bean to take a long exhale with their nose as they close one finger at a time bringing their restore into a gentle fist. Repeat this exercise one to 3 times. Take 5 Breathing can also be done while studying or prior to an exam as it assists relieve anxiety and focus the mind.


Visualization. Begin by developing a relaxing atmosphere. Play soft music, dim the lights, and perhaps light a candle. Encourage your bean to sit comfortably or rest with their eyes closed. Ask to picture a preferred memory from the previous school year. Was it a Halloween parade or a school play? How did they feel in this experience? Existed any certain smells, sights or sounds they bear in mind? Was anyone with them throughout this unique time? Encourage your bean to explore this “special school space,” and inform them they can visit this space anytime they really want simply by closing their eyes and utilizing their imagination.

A brand-new school year brings the opportunity to develop new memories and experiences that can last a lifetime. If it feels proper, ask your bean to picture what makes them most distressed about school. Allowing your youngster to acknowledge and speak about their feelings as valid thoughts and issues will certainly assist them find that such sensations are often not as frightening as they at first seem. When we open ourselves up totally to the things in life that scare us or trigger us trepidation, we generally have a much easier time surmounting such things– fears and challenges, worries and apprehensions– lowering the power they when’d more than us. At Yogi Beans we inform youngsters: when you face your sensations you can make pals with them, and afterwards they aren’t so scary any longer.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful, easeful and pleased begin to the new school year!