Yoga can be an useful complimentary treatment for those suffering with a severe psychiatry condition like mental illness. Yoga brings substantial symptomatic improvements and boosts the quality of life of schizophrenic patients.

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Promising results of yoga for physical and mental illness are populared for a very long time. Now this useful result is also extended for management of a significant mental health problem like mental illness.

Schizophrenia: An Overview

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness having a dangerous impact on the body and behavior. It appears in late adolescence or early adulthood. This disease is characterized by presence of favorable and adverse symptoms and believed condition. A schizophrenic person shows signs of altered awareness, delusion, confusion, agitation, social withdrawal and psychosis.

A individual can hear voices or see things, which aren’t there and believes that things are regulated from outdoors. In severe conditions, a person may have uncommon ideas or understandings, disorders of motion, difficulty in speaking or expressing feelings, problem with attention, memory and organization. Such psychopathology leads a negative impact on quality of life and social function of an afflicted patient.

Schizophrenia itself hampers the physical activity and eating patterns of a patient. Along with that, use of treatment medication might result in other health concerns such as weight problems, kind 2 diabetes and heart problem.

Chemical imbalance in the brain is thought as a major probable factor for incident of mental illness. Relapses are typically seen, even with clients on medication.

Treatments for schizophrenia can be a difficulty, and frequently patients display a shortfall in cognitive and social functioning despite the use of contemporary treatments. The effectiveness of yoga is already verified in other psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety. Likewise, yoga verifies to enhance the well-being of a schizophrenic. Yoga, a mix of exercise and relaxation, develops a balance in between body, thoughts and feelings and can assist manage psychiatric signs.

Yoga: A Best Complementary Treatment

Studies evaluating the efficiency of yoga as a complimentary treatment showed a beneficial effect in enhancing positive and unfavorable symptoms and improving health-related quality of life of schizophrenic patients.

A pilot research released in The Journal of Option and Complementary Medication tested the effects of yoga on schizophrenic clients. Researchers offered an 8-week yoga treatment program that included postures, breathing workouts and relaxation. Schizophrenic clients revealed great enhancement in signs and symptoms and a reduction in negative thoughts. Yoga therapy likewise improves quality of life and is shown as a helpful adjunctive treatment for those struggling with mental illness.

Role of Yoga in Schizophrenia


One of the significant advantages of yoga is an increase in body awareness and accomplishment of state of self-realization. This helps the schizophrenic patient to differentiate the truth from misconception, aberration and unfavorable thought.

Stress Reduction

Relaxation strategies such as deep breathing and meditation can assist minimize stress. Yoga relieves the fight-or-flight-response (aggressive feedback from the body) and promotes a relaxation feedback, which cools down the mind and brings the body back into a state of balance.

Create Energy

Pranayama, a science of breath, awakens internal energy of the body. An increase of energy levels assist to refresh and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, yoga is a remarkable way to unwind.

Deal with Coexisting Health Risks

Stretching and enhancing effects of yoga postures bring versatility and balance within the internal system of the body. This is handy to bring coordination within functioning of various body organs. Furthermore, increase in self-awareness makes an individual adapt and stay with a healthy way of living. All this cares for any related wellness problems like weight problems, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Proper medication and social support are additional aids in treatment of schizophrenia to achieve the very best result.